Benefits of Video Games

Benefits of video games Video games are widely overlooked or underestimated around the world world mainly because they are called games, but unfortunately people do not realize that it is similar to other games that people say are useful. For example, soccer started as a game so that people may enjoy playing together and improve their relationship with each other in addition to improve their teamwork. If we are to look at video games they have achieved the same purpose if not more.Video games is essentially sports for the brains where it continually stimulates the various areas of it, yet people still say that video games are bad influence or are harmful to a child’s growth. On the other hand the same people allow their children to stay glued in front of the television to watch different kinds of cartoons all day long. This causes a problem because unlike video games that are stimulating and engaging television shows are do not encourage any type of processing power in the children.

While it is still possible that some video games share some of those characteristics , The majority of video games are not like that. Video games like most things that we know can be misused in various ways despite having many benefits. In addition, Is it possible to have video games contribute in the field of education.

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Misuse of video games can come in various ways. First, playing for extended periods of times without breaks. This leads to many negative effects including reduced brain activity. Moreover, it also disturbs a person’s ability to concentrate properly.Insomnia is also a prime issue that can be caused by overplaying of video games.

Sometimes this excessive playing becomes so bad it starts to take over a person’s own life. This can lead to some kind of addiction and like all other addiction it is neither helpful nor useful to the person instead it is like a time bomb waiting to go off. Another concern people are voicing concerning video games is that it is brainwashing their children. Some these claims are totally misguided, but it is possible to to do similar effects to brainwashing By constantly implying the same concept repeatedly throughout the game.

Luckily most game seek to implement this method in a more harmless and positive way by putting positive traits instead of the negative ones. Some of those traits include fighting bullying, caring for your friend, and the mentality to never give up when doing something right. It also tells children that evil never prevails as doing evil acts is not only morally wrong it is also socially unacceptable. There is also people who disregard the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). ESRB usually categorizing games according to age in order to offer parents a safe way to pick games for their children.Unfortunately, this system is not fault proof because every person have different growth speeds so what should be suitable for a lot of people to use may not received as well by some people.

For example a game rated “T” is one that is suitable for teenagers which means ages thirteen and up. Unfortunately, at this stage some teenagers either just got into puberty or did not go into it and this may cause serious issues because some of these games my or may not imply some mild sexual tension tension between characters and this cause some teenagers to become confused.Continuing on the point i started ESRB system sometimes mixes things up therefore some game games get an “E” while they should be rated “T” and vice-versa. This system may seem unreliable because of these holes , but the chances of these occurrences happening is very rare , so people should not be overly concerned about the subject. You may be overwhelmed by the negative side of video games, on the other hand video games have a great deal of benefits that many tend to overlook them. One of their many uses is their use in therapy.For instance, “Spider World” is game used by psychologists in order to ease the phobia that is disturbing people suffering from arachnophobia. It designed so that it presents a non threatening situation for the person in order make the process of removing his/her fear much easier.

There are also games that aim to help other people suffering from other psychological illness like obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction. Some may say that video games are a prime reason for people becoming without friends, on the contrary video games have helped people in socialization much more better.Research has shown that 65% of gamers play with a friend present.

This goes to show that video games help develop relationships between people by finding common points of interest. In addition, 76% of married couples said playing multiplayer video games together helped their relationship in a positive way. Also 40% of user activity in Facebook is through social games like farmville. This shows that people use video games in socializing more often than they realize and with it having many positive effects on relationships.

FPS(first person shooters) players have started showing many unique characteristics including making out details in clutter. This is a very useful skill that you need in some jobs that can cut the time needed to for something in a pile of papers for example. Another skill that gamers develop is managing events. This skill is gained because gamers are constantly trying to predict outcomes in the games and preparing countermeasures for them in games and organizing people therefore managing events in real life becomes familiar and easier to do than other people would think.Playing certain puzzle games like Tetris for 30 minutes daily for a period of three months showed that those that have been playing regularly had developed thicker cortexes,the part of the brain the is responsible for processing coordination and visual information, than those who did not.

Action games have shown that they provide good exercise for the eyes. They can also help cure patients that have Amblyopia aka “Lazy eye” a condition where the functions of one eyes is severely damaged.The usual treatment include coving the healthier eye with an eyepatch in order to stimulate the lazy eye but this method tend to have very varying results because it can take a lot of time to take effect and also it is a very hard concept to make children do. Some video games has solved this situation as researchers showed that by playing certain action games for one hour they can have the same effects as using the eye patch method for 400 hours. It is also an easier treatment for children as it is easier to convince a child to play a video game for an hour rather than keep an eye patch on his for 400 hours.

Another interesting fact is that surgeons who are gamers have 37% less chance to make mistakes and 27% faster in surgeries compared to other surgeons who do not play video games. There are many uses of video games in education. One of many is helping teach kids ages four to six ways to improve their literacy. This was proved to be very effective as it helps them in their letter recognition and story comprehension much better than usual. Another use for video games would be to improve their mathematical skill using simple numbers.

Puzzle games also elp students develop three important skills that are very useful in their studies which are critical thinking , thinking outside the box , and time management. This is achieved in puzzle games especially because puzzle tend to mislead people people into the wrong solution and in most cases they have a time limit therefore you slowly build those skills in order to solve these puzzle quickly and swiftly. Simulation games are another type of game that are very handy for a lot of big companies. They usually use these simulation games in order to mimic situations from real life and train their staff according to these simulations.More than 100 company follow this method like IBM and Cisco by using those simulations for training purposes. Also almost all major airline companies have a flight simulators at their disposal for many reasons including training new cadet pilots in order familiarize them with the flying conditions and also to teach older employees on newer aircraft technologies.

All in all, Video games have come a long starting from the atari the sole reason for video games was to have have fun playing with someone since the first game on atari was pong a game where two players are needed to play.While it is a fact that the misuse of video can have many disastrous effects the fact remains that they can yield many wonderful benefits in the many different aspects of life ranging from health care to education. I would like to say that video games are a for form of art that represent the creators creativity and love and for the community, and that their goal is making a better community in their own.

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