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Last updated: March 9, 2019

“Ironman-Best Avenger of all time” Famous director Joss Whedon created the movie “Avengers” in 2012 based on Marvel’s comic book “Avengers”. The movie featured the comic book characters Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, The Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Hawk Eye.

In the movie all the superheroes played important role. But the image of the character Ironman was more critical, smart, intelligent, observant and mysterious. The character of Ironman which made him more inspiring in the movie was his devotion and loyalty towards his duty and work.

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First of all, by sharply observing Ironman in the movie where the character was played by famous actor Robert Downy Jr. it’s easy to understand that the character was very intelligent & sharp. He was a billionaire, philanthropist with a mechanical suit of his own invention. Stark is the owner of the Stark Industries and a genius who got into MIT at the age of 15. He innovated latest technologies and weaponries.

Though in the comic book Captain America played the main role, Joss Whedon kept Ironman as his lead man to fight against the odds.At the very beginning of the movie it is seen that Fury, head of S. H. I.

E. L. D starts recruiting superhuman to start the fight against the evil force. He had recruited all the superheroes but still had something missing from the team.

It was Iron Man. He was the missing link he was searching for. In the whole movie Ironman plays the most crucial character. He interacts with other avengers in the whole movie.

His fight with Thor at the beginning of the movie is one of the best scenes in the movie.Later Ironman led the whole Avengers team to fight against the evil lord Loki. He also saved the whole city from the missile attack by sending the missile outside of the planet earth. It was the most critical moment of the movie. He sent the missile to the evil world to destroy them fully by risking his own life. At the end it was Ironman who defeated Loki and saved the world from the evil.

In the movie, the most inspiring personality was Ironman. He is different from all other superheroes.In the movie we can see how self-absorbed he is.

To him he is the best and far more superior than all others. He loves keeping a playboy image. He also loves drinking and gambling. He does not wait to insult anyone whenever he gets the opportunity.

Sometimes he is also arrogant. Though all these characters portray a villain’s image the world always finds him fighting against evil like a real superhero. He also has leadership characteristic which we can see in the movie “Avengers”. Ironman had some flaws.At a time it seemed like he was little bit crazy and unpredictable. But ultimately he was the real hero.

Even his flaws in the character often made him more inspiring. He may not be everyone’s favorite superhero. But in my opinion he is the best superhero Marvel comic has ever produced and Robert Downey Jr. has done the character at its best and no one could play it better than him. Finally it has to be said that all the characters described above made Ironman my favorite Avengers.


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