Bethune Cookman

Bethune consists of nine residence halls, Joyner, Curtis, Ja-Flo, Lee, Thomas, Bronson, New Bronson, Moore, and Meigs hall. Five halls are reserved for girls and the other four are for boys. All nine of the residence halls have history behind each one of them. The first year a student attends Bethune-Cookman University it’s mandatory as a freshman to live on campus in one of the residence halls listed above. Typical halls that most students prefer would be Joyner hall for females and Bronson hall for the males.Joyner hall is a female residence hall that was named after the founder of the beautician’s organization that supported Bethune-Cookman College.

Joyner hall is one of the largest female dormitories at the college. The dorm holds up to two hundred and eighty three females. It’s designed to house four girls in each room. The rooms are nicely furnished with twin beds, a desk, and dressers.

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Each student that stays in the dorm as a freshman are required to be present in the dorm by 12:00am on weekdays and 2:00am on weekends.Since there are so many rules in the dorms it makes living on campus almost miserable as if you were still living with your parents but on the other hand you learn to have a sense of independence and learn many lessons throughout your first year of college. Bronson hall is named after the fourth president of the university Oswald P.

Bronson. It’s a three story building with seventy-one rooms that house two hundred and seventy-six freshman males. As well as Joyner hall each room house four males to each room. Each floor has community bathrooms.

Washers and dryers are located on the second and third floors.A lounge room is located on the first floor that holds a pool table, vending machines and a large flat screen television. Both dormitories have curfews but the male dorms aren’t as strict as the female dorms on a lot of things, which is an unfair situation. There are many HBCU’S across the country with different standards and accommodations.

Bethune- Cookman University is one of the top HBCU’s for their nursing program and other extracurricular activities. The residence halls around the campus provide the students with a place to live, study, and feel safe which a plus for the school is.

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