Big 5 Advertisement Analysis

Audience / purpose – Who does the text target? What does the author wish to achieve through the text? The text targets Malaysian motorcycle owners.

The purpose of the text is to convince the owners to buy The Tata Nano instead of their motorcycles. Which means the text is an advertisement aimed at potential customers. Content / theme – What is literally ‘happening’ in the text? What is it about? What are the main ideas of the text? There is an image of a full motorcycle with 5 people on it.The text mentions a new law that bans Malaysian people from riding a motorcycle with more than 2 passengers. The image on the text refers to that information and shows a case which is forbidden in Malaysia.

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The main idea is that if such law is present, the same amount of people can only be carried in the advertised product. That is why the ad tells the audience to buy the car and benefit of it. Tone / mood – How does the text make you and/or the target audience feel?Describe the atmosphere of the text. The tone is suggestive, casual, especially in the sentence “Now you can afford it, why still go for a motorcycle? ” which highlights the fact that the normal thing to do would be buying the product for the price you could’ve bought something not as efficient with. Also, The image on the text is stuffy and crowded however the vibrant colors prevent a negative mood forming. Stylistic devices – How does the author use language to convey a sentiment or message?What kinds of linguistic tools does he/she employ? The bright yellow color of the car in the right bottom corner causes the attention of the audience to shift to the car image. The fact that every other color is smooth but the color of the car is quite sharp and out there, emphasizes the existence of the car.

The biggest use of language is the reference to the motorcycles, which the audience aimed at owns, as a “burden”. The metaphor is used to show the audience how going for the roduct advertised would be a better option than the motorcycle, which can now only carry 2 passengers and is risky to travel with. Structure – How is the text organized, literally (i. e.

layout/formatting)? What kinds of structural elements of a particular text type do you see? The text has the image of the full motorcycle in the middle, which depicts the current situation of the audience. However, in the corner, a little image of the car, which perhaps may be the exact product advertised or the logo of the company is shown.The location of the two images and the size of them underline that the majority of the society is a part of the bigger image on the text which is the risky and uncomfortable option. But a small part owns the Tata Motors, which are a bright new idea thrown out there for the comfort of the audience while traveling. The writing is located on the top left corner and it is black which is chosen because the writing states facts and is made up of clear, straight up sentences.

The word ‘burden’ in the title is colored because it attracts attention to the word.



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