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2009 Deadline: 17 . 04. 2009 BI Nydalen Case “Generous to a Fault? ”. Question for Discussion What particular Big Five personality traits and what elements of core self-evaluation appear to characterize Mr.

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Feuerstein? World needs modern heroes . World needs stories of peoples success , models of success and if this involve on the way also someone who is a Good Samaritan then it is just perfect . Humanity lived another day. Hope is back and without any capitalistic cynicism : hunting down the rich is postponed…..

A round of applause for Mr. Aaron Feuerstein. Financial successful people and their ways to became successful are filling the pages of world most famous magazines . People look up to them like models and they want to became like them , and copy them , and became successful . The story missing sometime is the way “the successful people” make it to the top , and decisions they have to take, and not just their own sacrifices made it on the way but also “sacrificing” other peoples ways , maybe lives…. Aaron Feuerstein is the story missing of our days .We have a successful business man who Made It , by helping other people and being first of all a Good Samaritan and then a good business men.

Influencing people around him to see his vision and take it upon them self’s , transforming it into a common goal . He help them in order to be helped by them with a happy , glorious ending where all their individual and common sacrifices triumph into a better life for everybody. Mr. Feuerstein level of empathy is very high and he sympathize with people feeling their problems as his own problems . He actually see his employees equally members of his family and treat them as ones. …after all , they gave many years of their lives to the company . How after all this commitment on their part could he turn his back on them and walk away ? He could not; he was more willing to risk his own financial….

” This shows the agreeableness dimension of his personality. He is trusty and he is compassionate and he believe in people . He believe that people share the same values as him and for him is naturally to believe that they are trustworthy.

He sees in their years working for him , and side by side to him like a sacrifice which need to be repaid. : “ after all , they gave many years of their lives to the company .How , after all this commitment on their part , could he turn his back on them and walk away ? He could not” Conscientiousness is written al over Mr. Feuersetein Aaron personality . He is dutifully in a dependable way. Responsible not just for his future but for the others also: “ walk away from the business , and retire .

But he did not . Instead , he kept all of his employees on the payroll …” He has the tendency to strive for competence and achievement , never giving up , never backing up this including searching for better help , professional help even from outside of his organization if this will help him walk forward . “ Instead of surrendering , he hired a consultant skilled at rescuing sinking companies and redoubled his efforts to save Malden Mills.

” As another element of Mr Feuerstein personality he has also openness to experience , judging after the development of his most important product Polartec , an innovative synthetic fleece , and that the fact “it is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of so-called “ healthy textiles” fabrics that are not treated with chemicals. Mr. Feuerstein is a restless men .

He is an extrovert in a certain measure.His positiveness and energy , and his social abilities tight up close with his enthusiasm are part of his complex personality . Our case hero , the men who turned his personal situation and his employees from disaster to success is a men with a great self-esteem and strong emotional stability at first . : “ I’ve got vultures on every side …. but I’m getting close …. I can’t imagine that I won’t succeed with this last $10 million …Every day I think tomorrow will be the day I get it done .

And succeed he did. ” Nothing is to hard for him and impossible is just the “untried” , so he is always confident that every milestone is to be passed .His intern high locus of control showed not just that he transformed his business into a Phoenix Bird ( “Tragically , in 1996 , the company’s facility in Lawrence , Massachusetts , burned to the ground …………In October 2003 , Malden Mills emerged from bankruptcy , and continues operations today. ” ) but he influenced by this trait of his personality his employees who “ pitched in to help .

They agreed to work for lower wages and they gave up overtime pay. “ The man is confident that he can bring the change. And he did. He is by inheritance a man who believe that his actions change his life situations. not faith ) Obviously after a long way of succeeding in what appeared doomed also because of his skills demonstrate his self –efficacy . Although it is moderate. It is not his first strain if we consider the fact that he had “ losses from operations” of some of his departments and also giving the fact that in a managerial way of thinking paying wages when his business had no activity this implicating low marginal costs.

“ “The company was $180. 000. 000 in debt , partly because of Mr. Feuerstein ‘s generosity to employees and partly because of losses from operations. ”This stubborn , old business man with a young attitude and a wise view about life , clearly a model for people who understand that they live between people , made an interesting statement about abandoning the selfishness.

I think that for him the most values things to achieve are exactly the values of his own personality elements projected into or on other people. His “things” are values people. He gain his family love , employees hearts , public opinion admiration and maybe his place in Gan Eden .References : Jerald Greenberg, Robert A. Baron , Behavior in Organizations ninth edition , 2008 , Part 2 , Chapter 4 .


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