Bistocchi’s, My Favorite Restaurant

Italian, American, Spanish, Asian and other cuisines may entice one’s palate.

However, there can only be one that could really capture one’s soul with merely the smell of the dish coming out from the kitchen. For me, there is only one restaurant in Dunmore that satisfies my palate and captivates my soul—a restaurant established by the Italian couple, Angelo and Yolanda Bistocchi.People come and go in Bistocchi’s Restaurant for a various reasons. Some people feel comfortable and well-attended to with the friendly service that they give them. Some people greatly appreciate the delightful menu.

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Others simply love the ambiance and the music being played in this restaurant. In my case, I come back to my favorite restaurant, Bistaccho’ all the time for all of these reasons.A ten-minute walk towards the south of my house brings me to this Italian restaurant that features a wide variety of dishes that everyone would love. Upon arrival to what may seem an extension of my home is a bar. Behind it is a sixty-year-old bartender that would greet you with a warm welcome as soon as you step in the place. To first-time customers, this man seems only to be a bartender greeting them a good day. But to all of us who has been with this institution since it first opened its doors in 1982, the man behind the bar is Butchie, a good old friend.Behind the bar is the restaurant where all of my good dining memories happened.

Walking towards the restaurant part of Bistocchi’s allows you to meet the dedicated owner of the restaurant, Brenda. Brenda manages her restaurant well by being hands-on. You could always see her in the restaurant welcoming and waiting customers. She welcomes you with a big smile and makes you feel comfortable like the way one would welcome a guest in one’s home.Name,Butchie and Brenda lighten up my dining experience.

However, it is never complete without the superb dishes that they are offering.Bistocchi’s, being an outstanding Italian restaurant, offers a wide variety of north Italian dishes. Some of these dishes are traditional family recipes handed down by the original restaurant owners, the parents of Butchie and Brenda. Some these are among the customers’ favorites.“Family traditions secret recipe for great Italian restaurants in region”, an article written by Marita Dempsey Lowman from the Time’s Tribune, describes some of the dishes, which are the restaurant’s big seller. Yolanda Salad, a big hit in the restaurant, is mixture of greens with anchovies, dry blue cheese and hot peppers as toppings.

Another specialty is dish that the previous owners, Angelo and Yolanda, named after their daughter. Imagine four varieties of Italian cheese seasoning a roasted chicken breast that would lift up your down spirits. This uplifting dish is called the Chicken Brenda. Aside from these two traditional family dishes, the restaurant is also well-know for homemade cheese lasagna, veal franchese and pork chops calabrese. Of all these superb dishes, there are only two dishes that make me go back to this wondrous place: ceasar salad and their famous lasagna.Every week, I would pay Butchie and Brenda a visit to have a taste of the ceasar salad which is enhanced by loads of garlic. Sometimes, I order them for three consecutive days.  After getting enough of this salad for big craving, I order the hearty and flavorful homemade cheese lasagna to satisfy the other side of my palate.

On times when I have dinner at Bistaccho’s, I make sure that I get a taste of an Italian-aniseed flavored wine called sambuca. After every dish, I finish off with a slice of cheesecake and coffee.Name,Aside from the wonderful people and the hearty food at Bistaccho’s, every dining experience is accompanied by the cozy ambiance of the place. The place is decorated with Italian furnishings while the wall is painted in red and gold. These walls are brought to life by hanging pictures of customers, some of which are celebrities.The sense of sight and taste are not the only senses being satisfied when you visit Bistaccho’s. Sinatra’s songs are usually playing in the restaurant since it is the family’s favorite.

You can also dance to the disco music playing on the jukebox. Neil Diamond’s fans need not to worry since they could always find his songs on the jukebox.Bistaccho’s restaurant is an Italian restaurant established in 1982 by Angelo and Yolanda Bistaccho. Today, it is run by two of the most welcoming and pleasant people that I know, Butchie and Yolanda.

Under their management, they continue to offer heart-warming dishes that satisfy any palate. They ensure the highest quality of service to customers while making them feel at home. They maintain the furnishings and Italian decoration in the restaurant which give every customer a feel of the Italian culture.

For these reasons, many customers have become loyal to the institution since their first visit. For these same reasons, I go back every week to this restaurant, a place that now seems to be a newly found home.

Author: Francis Norris


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