Who is to blame in “Romeo and Juliet”

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Last updated: February 6, 2019

Romeo and Juliet, one of the famous works of Williams Shakespeare is a play with the theme centering around a romantic tragedy about two young lovers. The focus is on the events that led to the meeting of the two lovers and the plot that culminated in the tragic death of both lovers. This unfortunate event has been blamed on some characters in the play.Each one of the characters had their role to play in the tragedy. However, I believe that Romeo played a significant part in the whole plot as a whole. Firstly, I guess the youthful exuberance caught up with him because he was always hasty to act in most circumstances.

Moreover, it could also be attributed to his situation, it is often said that love is blind so his emotions also took a toll on his action. His emotion beclouded his thoughts. He was not acting from his ‘head’; it was from his ‘heart’. Also, there is an element of selfishness in his actions since he was always pursuing.To buttress these points, it would be seen that Romeo acted too hastily in asking her to marry him. If he had taken some time out to think about the consequences of his actions, knowing fully well that Juliet was engaged and also that both their families did not go along well he could have waited for a little more time. He could have avoided his own death if he had tried to find out if Juliet was really dead or not.  All these point to the spontaneity with which he acts and also the rashness of many of his decisions.

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Moreover, his action when he killed Tybalt, and later Paris, were aimed towards personal gratification. It could not have been out of love. If he had been thinking of the love he had for Juliet, he would not have carried out these violent acts.In conclusion, Romeo was just a victim of fate as all the ill-fated events had already been foretold. However, his actions fuelled the fire as it eventually led to the death of both he, and his lover. Romeo definitely is more guilty than all other actors in the play as his actions had the greatest effect on the plot of the play. 


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