Blue Collar Brilliance

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

In my observation mentally with Mr. Roses essay on blue collar brilliance, Mr Rose tries to tell the reader on the different levelsof work there is for high educated people opposed to the non educated. Furthermore he tries express through his family experiences in the work environment how a person with a manual labor is not so different than a person with a high level of education, they are equal in job to job views but not in society. My mother Rose Mesaglio (Rosie), shaped her idenity as a waitress in coffee shops and family resteraunts” (Rose, 2009) This is by far one of my favorite statements offered by Rose, from my own experiences in the work field. I like Rose’s mother Rosie started from the “not knowing” when she started her job, to becoming a highly qualified waitress through hands on training. Take note there is no college eduaction needed for this highly physical job.

When I started my work I was as uneducated as Rosie, but in time through hard work and on the job training I was able to adapt to my enviornment and eventually I learned many things along the way for example, I learned just like Rosie using short term memory which finally developed into instinctual movement. Also note I learned how to problem solve, deal with customers, be a leader, and develope a sense of pride when all these traits were molded into one cognitive thinking process. For instance like Rosie I adapted to my enviroments when a problem came to be an issue.Education in a formal sense is heavily structured by a society that relies on technology and ab economic stand point.

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People of this generation tend to believe that a good eduaction is the easiest way to move up the ladder in almost any field chosen. School in turn does not give you the hands on lessons that are learned in a work environment, simply makes you book smart. While on the other end of the stick you have your manual laborers,who basically do everything a college grad does’nt want to do.Manual Laborers seem to adapt far better than a “eduacted” person because you learn as you go, it may take a bit longer to say “advance” but the benefits vastly out weigh a “book. ” You learn how a company actually funtions from its lowest job to the highest level, as opposed to someone fresh from school, knows nothing but only what they were taught through a book. A book can not tell you about the reality of the world and its work enviroment, that taught through doing not reading.

In conlcusion I have pointed out the difference between a college grad opposed to a non educated person, are they so different? Its sad how society labels people by lack of eduaction. If some of these so called high classed eduacated people would take the time and actually do a job outside of there world, would’nt that also be considered “ Learning”? Think about it, to beccome humbled by your own actions is a learning experience. Society today has a very low sense of understanding about blue collar and white collar jobs. They only look at the cover as opposed to what really lies inside.I firmly believe that society needs a reality check as to really does all the work to make the world move as it does. Also in my honest opinion learning on the job can or is more beneficial than what any college or school can teach about a trade.

So next time you see a landscaper, waitress, or maybe even pizza delivery man, think about how hard that person works to make that company succeed, its not the owner who does it. A company is as good as its employees, bottom line. Referrences http://www. theamericanscholar. org/blue-collar-brilliance/ Quotation by Rose, 2009


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