Blue Remembered Hills Essay

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Last updated: May 10, 2019

As a director how would you convey the vulnerability of Donald’s character in scene 13 of ‘Blue Remembered Hills’? In scene 13 of ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ I would convey the vulnerability of Donald through a variety of ways. Donald is perhaps the most vulnerable character in this play because of the abuse he suffers at home and the absence of his father; it is important to show the audience the impact of this abuse on his personality and actions.At the beginning of this scene Donald would be standing behind one of the ‘thick wooden supports’ this would be up stage right, the audience would only be able to see some of Donald’s face as he would be well hidden, this would show that he is used to retreating into himself and hiding from danger. There would be an expression of fear on his face, his lip trembling slightly and his eyes open wide to show his watchfulness and fear. When Peter enters the barn Donald will stare at him as he walks down stage.When Donald says, ‘H- Hello, Peter.

’ He will say this very quietly, in an audible whisper his pitch would initially by high when he says ‘H-. ’ to show his nerves and when he says this he will still be partially hidden with his hands screwed up by his side tensing and fiddling. Donald will then come forward slightly when Peter relaxes, his shoulders will be hunched slightly and Donald will look at the ground and occasionally at Peter; when Donald says, ‘Who with? his shoulders will be pushed back slightly and his head will tilt to the side as he asks Peter this question. It is obvious Donald is trying to engage in conversation with Peter and he gains confidence slightly by walking towards him. When Peter snaps at Donald, ‘Who with? Who with? Mind thee own! ’ Donald will cower slightly and take a step back to show his fear of Peter and he will avoid eye contact with him.On the line, ‘See! I bent no sissy, be I? ’ Donald will stutter on the word ‘no’ to show his lack of self belief in what he is saying, he is trying to fit in and prove himself to Peter but he is still vulnerable in that he is trying desperately to please him, he will lick and bite his lips whilst darting his eyes back and forth from the floor to Peter. When Donald says to Peter, ‘I don’t care.

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I don’t care. He will have tears running down his cheeks and his eyes and cheeks will be slightly red from him rubbing them, showing his true child like vulnerability, he will wipe his ‘tears’ away with the back of his hand and sniff. He will blink a lot and his tone of voice will be low and he will choke slightly on every word with his lip trembling. He will be downstage right and facing away from Peter.


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