Boo Radley Journals

Dear Diary, I feel so trapped in this house, I haven’t been able to leave this place for years now. I am still currently living my brother Nathan Radley and he makes me feel like this house is hell. He won’t let me out or do anything fun around the house. I feel like a prisoner inside my own house.

There is no hope of excitement in this house, absolutely nothing to do at all. My neighbors down the street, these two kids named Jem and Scout think I’m some kind of dangerous killer and I have no idea where they got that information from but they do seem pretty interested in me.I don’t know exactly why there interested in me but I am going to find out why and I hope I can become friends with them soon. Im just a stranger to everyone because I haven’t stepped out of these doorsteps in years and I hope Jem and Scout don’t keep that same impression upon me.

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Even though Jem and Scout think I am a psycho I am going to be really nice and help them out when they need it. Journal #2: Dear Diary, There is this knothole in front on my house by some tree, so I thought It would be a smart idea to put two pieces of gum inside so Jem and Scout could find it.I thought it was a good idea because all kids love gum don’t they. I just hope they spot it and find it or else it will just sit there and will be of no use.

This could be my first chance to impress the kids even though they don’t know its me. I hope my brother Nathan doesn’t find out that I’m sneaking out of this house to do this because I’m not supposed to. Yesterday I heard Jem run out and hit my door, they got scared and ran away right away. I wish I could have came outside and said something but you know I couldn’t.So instead I just looked through my window.

But there was this kid with them that I never seen before, a short chubby boy waiting with Scout. Even though I feel guilty about sneaking out last night I hope Jem and Scout find the gum. Journal #3: Dear Diary, Yes the gum was taken by Jem and Scout themselves, I feel so happy right now. I figured I’m gonna keep putting stuff in the knothole so kids like Jem and Scout keep taking it. Jem is pretty good at football, I saw him playing yesterday and he run with the ball pretty well.

I just realized it was the last day of school so I thought I put two Indian Head Pennies. They seemed pretty satisfied when they got it so I’m happy. I still wonder if they found out who is putting all this stiff in the knothole.

Anyways yesterday I saw Atticus scolding Jem and Scout because they were playing a game that was apparently about me so my feelings were hurt because I thought Atticus doesn’t like me or something. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this bad reputation of me because all the kids are scared of me and Maycomb County too.I’m just a normal person looking to do no harm to anyone just helping when help is needed. This window here is the only place where I can see the outside world. Journal #4: Dear Diary, I haven’t seen the kids playing outside much because they can’t be playing all the time. I saw Miss Maudie talking with Scout yesterday, I still remember when me and Miss Maudie used to talk she was so nice to me. I wonder what she was saying to Scout. I was thinking about what had happened last night when Jem ripped her pants trying to run away.

I got out of the house to fix Jem’s pants because they got all ripped up when he tried to run away. And that gunshot after I don’t know what’s wrong with my brother I have no idea why he fired that he’s just scaring the kids more. Anyways it was the least I could do for Jem. But my feelings were hurt a little because the kids are always playing a new game with me I don’t know if its on purpose or they’re just a little curious about me. I would be curious too if I were in that situation. I’m just happy to see the kids get along friendship was always important to me.Journal #5: Dear Diary, I was wondering what I should put in the knothole again and I thought I put two carved dolls that I made out of soap they kind of represented Jem and Scout.

But after Jem and Scout got the carving dolls and other things I put in it I found out that my brother cemented the knothole. My feelings were so hurt at that moment I felt like crying. That was my only way of connecting to the children and now that is gone too. This aside I heard Atticus would be defending a black man in court. It’s always could to see a white man defending against his own race.

I think racism is a horrible thing and nobody should be treated differently just by the color of there skin or anything else. I also saw Miss Maudie’s house burnt down it was a shame to see that happen so close to Christmas and that happens to someone I feel bad for her. That same night I snuck out and through a blanket over scout because she was feeling really cold, I just hope they didn’t see me. I also need to find out why Atticus Finch is defending that black man, like what exactly happened. Journal #6: Dear Diary,Earlier today I also heard a gunshot and a lot of commotion outside so I looked through my window and saw this mad dog died on the ground with blood coming out of his body. Then I saw Atticus holding the gun, I’m guessing he shot at the dog. I really enjoy animals but then again it was a mad dog so it was all for the best.

So I just found out that the Ewells are blaming Tom Robinson for raping her daughter Mayella Ewell. I knew Tom Robinson and I know or a fact that he would not hurt that women. Just the racism against black people is coming. I really hope Tom is not found guilty.I think the trial will be held today because I see everyone rushing to get to the courthouse and see the outcome. I really wish I could go and watch the trial buy you know being me I can’t even go outside of my house let alone down to the courthouse.

I just pray for Tom that he isn’t found guilty for something he didn’t do. Journal #7: Dear Diary, I heard news about the trial that is being held against Tom Robinson for raping Mayella Ewell. From what I am hearing I think the Ewells are lying. They’re just trying to kill an innocent man for no good reason other than color discrimination.The trial continued but one day I looked through my window and I think I saw Aunt Alexandra move into Atticus’s house. Scout becoming older and is looking more like a lady than she did before. Later that day I found out the outcome of the trial and I was depressed Tom was found guilty. I don’t know what exactly happened but it does hurt me to see a innocent man go to jail and serve a death penalty.

Soon it will be Halloween and I can see Scout and Jem are really excited to go to this pageant at their school. I really wish I could go watch but maybe I’ll sneak out this one time, maybe.I’m getting scared just thinking about it.

I’ll just wait and see what happens. Journal #8: Dear Diary, Just found out that Tom was killed trying to escape apparently. I feel like I should be helping Atticus but I can’t come out of my house not just yet. It was Halloween night and I saw Jem and Scout walking down to their school and it looked like Scout was carrying a huge piece of ham with her, but fake. I feel scared for the children because it is dark outside and just the other day Bob Ewell threatened Atticus to kill him so Bob could even do something to the kids, maybe tonight.As I noticed Atticus was not going with his children I got quite worried at that time.

So tonight I have made up my mind and I am going to go outside of my house and protect these children, even though I don’t know em I feel the need to do what is right. I have to get ready for tonight. Journal #9: Dear Diary, Am I glad that I went out tonight the children could have been killed but I saved them in just the nick of time. So what happened was tonight was that I was near Jem and Scout the whole time staying hidden if anything happened.All of the sudden I heard something and so did Jem, to me it looked like a bright knife in the dark night. All of the sudden I heard Jem scream “ run Scout! Run” as soon as I heard that I ran to save them as I fought the man he knocked over Jem and Scout but Jem looked more injured.

As I pushed the man over hard to the tree I picked up Jem and carried him home but as I walked past the man it looked like a bloody knife had stabbed him and I think it was Bob Ewell but I couldn’t be for sure. I didn’t bother to help Scout because I knew she was ok and she could make her way back by herself.As I rushed into the Finches house it looked like Jem broke his arm the doctor was called and everything seemed fine. But then finally Scout saw me for the first time eye to eye face to face and the same goes for me.

She held my hand and made me feel safe. After Scout walked me home and I felt in my heart that everything was ok. Journal #10: Dear Diary, I found out that the next day Jem was ok. Bob Ewell’s funeral was also to be held shortly. But after all these years I realized something the kids just wanted to know who I was as much as I wanted to know who they were.See in a way I’m just like Tom Robinson he wanted no harm to anyone just like me, because of my past and just like the skin color of Tom people judge me today. But then in reality we just wanted to help around Maycomb not cause anyone any harm at all.

I may be judged at and laughed at but this is who I really am and no one can change that. I never spoke to Jem and Scout after that it wasn’t because I didn’t want to it was just I wanted them to learn not to judge someone based on their past, present, or future and I think everyone in Maycomb can learn from this.



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