Book Report: ”Forrest Gump”

Book report: ”Forrest Gump” 1) You have read about several events and situation in the book you have chosen. Do you think that any of these events or situation could happen in your country today? Explain why or why not with reference to the book itself. I think that it? s totally possible that some of the situations in the book could happen in Sweden. For example nowadays bullying is a very common problem in almost all the schools, not only in Sweden but the whole world. The way that Forrest was treated by that guy at the cafeteria is not far away from the reality that many children suffer every day just for the sake of being different.Forrest was a victim of psychological violence when he was called Dumbo in front of everybody. And he was also a victim of physical violence when he was punched by the guy and his friends.

But in his case it all finished in a happy end when the coach saw Forrest running through the football field and discovered his talent. After that Forrest became popular and the other guys on the team started being nicer to him. On the other side there are some situations that couldn’t be possible today, like when Forrest was called to serve in the army and was even sent to Vietnam.

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I understand that in those years EEUU needed to recruit people and they were often inexpert volunteers who wanted to serve their country. It was not important if they were apt to the army or not. The important thing was to increase the soldiers’ quantity and that was the reason a guy like Forrest were recruit to the army. This sort of situation doesn? t occurs today, the aspirants to soldiers must be healthy persons without any type of physical or psychological disability. In other words, a guy like Forrest could never serve in the any army.

2) Write about the most interesting character/s/ in the book.You should include details of that person’s character and don’t forget to explain why you find him/her particularly interesting. Forrest Gump is without a doubt the most interesting character in the book. I wouldn? t say he is an idiot, he is just different.

The more you read the book the more you realize that he is special guy, maybe a little bit difficult to understand but a good-hearth man. I admire his innocence and simplicity to live the live. The fact that he was in love with Jenny his whole life shows that he was a faithful and passionate person.

It didn? t matter what he did, he had always Jenny in his thoughts.He wasn? t only an eternal lover but also a good and faithful friend, like when he putted his own life in risk trying to save his friend Bubba on the battlefield, or when he visited Bubba? s dad and asked him to work with him in the shrimp business. I think that that sort of loyalty is difficult to find nowadays. It is impossible not to mention his behavior the day he met the president of the EEUU; for sure he never meant to be disrespectful he just wanted to show where he had been hurt but it all turned to newspapers front pages with Forrest and his trousers down in front the president and journalists.I loved the end of the book when he met Jenny for last time in Savannah, it was then he knew that he had a son with Jenny but even that he loved her he thought and understood that it was be better for the boy to be with her husband, and not to have an idiot for a father. And he said: An idiot? Yes, I? m an idiot.

But most of the time I just try to do the right thing. Forrest Gump is a kind of person who is difficult to find, an interesting mix of naivete and kindness. People like him are often discriminate but I would be happy to meet somebody like him.



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