Boy Pusit

”BOY PUSIT” A reaction paper In Social studies II Submitted to: Sir Mario Delos Reyes SUMMARY The day starts early for a group of children at a remote coastal village in Masbate, an island province in the central Philippines. Even before dawn breaks, several children and a few adults line the seashore, busily preparing their boats and nets for a day of squid fishing. The children say they still have time to go to their classes, walking for hours through tall grasses along hilly landscapes to reach school.Their elementary school teacher, Melchor Rojas, though, says most squid catchers report to school only once or twice each week.

For these children, education remains uncertain, but they maintain high hopes. Given a choice, they prefer to attend school in order to finish their education rather than spend their time at work. Every summer, the number of child squid catchers rises because they are also saving for the coming school year. REACTION I think that those children are pitiful because they have to work so that they could support their families.

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They can’t even concentrate in attending to school because of their work. As it shows on the summary according to their teacher the children only go to school only once or twice a week LESSON LEARNED We students who study in a very good place because our parents want us to have a better education should value it . We should study hard give our best for a brighter future ahead in us. And if we becomes successful we could help those children that works for their living.



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