The Sub-Roles of Teachers

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The Sub-Roles of Teachers that are relevant to us as educators * Representative of society (Inculcates moral precepts) * Judge (Gives marks and ratings) * Resource (Possesses knowledge and skill) * Helper (Provides guidance for pupil difficulties) * Referee (Settles disputes amongst pupils) * Detective (Discovers rule-breakers) Object of identification (Possesses traits which children imitate) * Ego-supporter /Helps pupils to have confidence in themselves) * Parent surrogate (Acts as object of bids for attention from younger children) * Target for hostilities (Acts as object of aggression arising from Frustration created by adults) * Friend and confidante (Establishes warm relationship with children and shares confidences) * Object of affection (Meets the psychological needs of children) ‘The teacher has two basic sets of roles to fulfil.

One set corresponds with the major functions of instruction, socialisation, and evaluation. The second set is concerned with motivating pupils, maintaining control, and generally creating an environment for learning. ‘ ————————————————- The Role of the Teacher in general “… the successful teacher will be highly adaptable in his behaviour. The skilful teacher can play the role of comedian, kindly uncle, confidante, or any other informal role, but yet retain the capacity to return with ease to a more detached role when necessary without losing the goodwill of his pupils.A less accomplished teacher may play his informal roles successfully, but then have difficulty in reasserting his authority and lose the goodwill which he has generated by becoming aggressive in his struggle to retain control.

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… We might say that the successful teacher is one who: * has the skill to form accurate perceptions of the classroom situation and the changes which occur within this situation, * is aware of the teacher roles which are appropriate to different situations * possesses the personality skills which allow him to adapt to changing situations. ———————————————— Traditional teacher roles: Teachers do a lot! And they need to be good a lot of different things to effective. In fact, when you breakdown the traditional teacher role, you see that teachers must perform a laundry list of skills in their daily routine.

In many other professions, an entire job might be primarily designed around performing just one of these skills. The following is a list of just some of the things that the traditional teacher role encompasses on a given day: Teachers are managers: hey must motivate, influence, and control a large group of students. Managers in large companies rarely have more than 7-10 direct reports. Teachers typically manage between 20-30 people at any given time and secondary teachers have as many as 200 under their direct supervision in a given day. Teachers are designers: they must create interesting lessons to engage students. Teachers frequently teach multiple classes so they must develop these concepts on a daily basis. Yet, most of the day must be spent executing the lessons they designed the night before.

Designers at a company like Apple spend their entire day just creating great products Teachers are performers: beyond just developing interesting lessons, teachers must captivate their students. Teachers are essentially on ”stage” 5-7 hours a day. However, unlike most professions associated with performing, they don’t get to practice before each performance.

Teachers are analyzers: like a good scientist, they must determine ways to collect evidence, interrupt the results, and change course as necessary. Although, unlike a scientist, this process must be completed in between a teachers primary duties.Teachers are experts: teachers must know their content area and must be nimble enough to answer questions on the subject as they come up in real time.

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