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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Brand managing, projection of sales, development of businesses through different search engines in the market, finding techniques to optimize business growth and other marketing strategies are an important part of the duties of a marketing associate (McDaniel and Gates, p. 5). As a young individual full of energy, zeal and optimism for this job, I believe I am well equipped for the task. Success in the rapidly growing real estate industry is dependent on extensive marketing that relies on innovative state of the art advertizing that appeals to the market.As a spirited young mind ready to execute duties that will enable the growth of the company, I am willing to travel to different places to search for information and also market the company to different populations that will find it beneficial to invest in real estate. My additional adequate communication skills that I acquired studying at UC Berkeley University as well as interacting with different individuals will come in handy in persuading potential customers. I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese which will enable me to communicate with individuals of different cultures.

My timely graduation from UC Berkley University later this year will come in handy since my major in Real Estate Development has cultured my ability to analyze the real estate market in the US. My additional capability to calculate real estate finance will also be an added value to the company in deciding the value of the property to be marketed. I have also been able to garner sales, communication and public relations skills from working as a sales assistant at College Bookstore and the Levis outlet. I also worked as an intern for the CEO’s assistant at Techson Limited in Hong Kong. During that time, I sharpened my people, work ethics and extensive marketing skills.I am currently an intern for the Management Analyst Assistant at the City Government. My job as an intern has enabled me to gain firsthand knowledge of what management in the organization is all about.

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I have also gained knowledge in organizational planning, delegation and execution of duties among other skills in operational procedures. My duties involve working with the Director of Fleet Services which has given me experience in the internal operations of the Fleet Division. My good communication skills have been enhanced by interviewing outside vendors in municipalities and other government agencies. My research skills have been sharpened over time by conducting studies that review the feasibility of outsourcing precise sections of the City’s fleet maintenance.My personal attributes such as being the president of the student union have contributed to my leadership and people skills.

I feel privileged to be able to be in charge of negotiating benefits with local sponsors for the benefit of the student community. By actively promoting volunteer workshops that benefited the student population and organizing joint university and society events that encourage intercultural exchange and good connection in the community, I pride myself in the skills I gained. I enjoy travelling to different regions. This will be an advantage to the need for the marketing associate to travel while on the job.

I am computer proficient with skills in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and Photoshop which are needful in the field to communicate with partners and clients. My willingness to dedicate long hours to ensure the success of duties entitles to me should enable me to execute my duties accurately since I am passionate about real estate marketing.


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