Breakdown of Enders Game

Enders Game Spears S-Social 1. Ender learns to destroy his enemies once and for all because of his environment: “I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse. ”(7) 2. Ender is isolated so that he learns to rely on himself: “His isolation can’t be broken. ” (38) 3. Ender is sped through the system to mature him more quickly, so that he becomes a better commander: “Young as he is, we’ve never had a boy better prepared for command.

” (154) 4.Because he was isolated, Ender grows to know that it is the best way to shape Bean into a leader: “I’m hurting you to make you a better soldier in every way. ” P-Political 1. Population is controlled, to stop over population; it is not allowed to have more than two children: “Nine children. That was unthinkable.

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Criminal. ”(22) 2. The world’s politics are easily joined by two teenage kids, and points are seen that were not there before: “We’re being read” “The ideas are seeping out.

”(135) 3.Because Peter’s points were believed and used, he gains control of the government and becomes a Hegemon. 4. After saving the human race, Ender is called upon to govern a new colony of people on the dead home world of the buggers: “the governor of the first colony it established would be Ender Wiggin. ”(313) E-Economic 1.

Ender is regarded as property of the government, and is taken from his parents without any reimbursement to them; it makes him seem like an object, not a person. 2. The war was first a huge drain on the economy, but it created tons of new jobs for people. . The I. F. is constantly buying new models of starships so that they are as up-to-date as possible, costing tons of money.

4. The war effort requires entire planets to be used as work-stations to gain resources and energy. A-Artistic 1. The computer game that Ender plays reflects his thoughts in an artistic way, showing his deepest fears and dreams. 2.

Ender draws a mountainous landscape on his desk in school and sees it from a three-dimensional angle. 3. The buggers recreate all of the levels from the game and make it so Ender holds the future of their race in his hands. . Enders book, Speaker of the Dead, is an artistic representation of what the buggers taught him. R-Religious 1. Ender’s mother secretly prayed over his sleeping body to show her love for him, even though religion was frowned upon. 2.

Alai shows that he loves Ender by whispering “salaam” into his ear, and breaking the protocol of the day showing a “suppressed religion”. (69) 3. The book Speaker of the Dead came to act as a new bible and start a new religion, where people would follow the words of the Bugger queen and Ender. 4.Ender represents a savior to the people, as a Christ figure, because he is the object of faith. S-Scientific 1.

The desk can display drawings in 3-d, and are much more high-tech: “display them in dimensions from every angle” (4) 2. The starships advance constantly so that when the buggers are fought again, the humans have an upper hand. 3. The computer games of the day are able to constantly adapt to a player and get into their head, something that our computers do not do. 4.

The new weapon used by the military, Dr. Device, splits up the molecules of objects so that they are reduced to nothing.

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