Buckner International

The initiative to reach out and improve people’s lives has always been the initiative of Buckner International creating new opportunities for individuals and communities to rebuild their lives. As it tries to reach out with our fellow individuals in Ethiopia, it can better guarantee change amidst struggle and difficulties which can garner a new glimpse of hope towards individuals who need it most.Since Buckner International has always dedicated itself towards the security and welfare of orphaned individuals, it must also look into factors and situations that pave the way for this scenario. By carefully looking into these strategies, representatives and volunteers can better extract mechanisms for change. Seeing this, I wish to propose and point out the importance of wells and purification wells that can guarantee clean water for Addis Abba.

This initiative is one integral measure that can guarantee the goals and objectives of Buckner International. Since water is a basic necessity, ensuring that it is sufficient and safe for children can guarantee a better future for them and protecting each one from diseases and death.  It is one initiative that can be recognized especially since many of these children die every year because of malaria and other related diseases.

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By allocating a cut in the budget for the creation of water infrastructure, there can be increased nourishment not only for orphaned children but for the community as well. In the end, as Ethiopian children continuously face the increasing challenges and obstacles of this world, non-governmental organizations such as Buckner International can help alleviate the challenges of today’s society and create a new sparkle of hope for these children.ReferencesBuckner International (2009) Buckner in Ethiopia. Retrieved January 25, 2009 from,http://www.buckner.org/gi-ethiopia.shtml



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