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Last updated: April 3, 2019

Sydney Buses Timetable Ticketing and Service Accessibility Ticketing & PrePay Information PrePay allows faster passenger boarding, improving the reliability of bus services. On PrePay-only bus routes and at dedicated PrePay-only bus stops, you must purchase your ticket from one of our TransitShops or ticket outlets before you board the bus. All bus stops in the Sydney CBD are PrePay-only between 7:00am and 7:00pm on weekdays excluding public holidays. PrePay-only bus routes and bus stops are shown in the timetable using purple coloured text.MyZone tickets, including MyBus TravelTen and MyMulti multi-modal passes, can be purchased from TransitShops and ticket outlets. Pensioner Excursion, MyMulti Day Pass and MyBus single-ride tickets are also available.

Effective 26 April 2009 New South Head Road to City 323 325 324 326 L24 Lost Property Please take all items with you before you leave the bus. If you ? nd an item left on the bus, please notify the driver. Please keep your bus ticket to help identify the bus involved. Lost property enquiries can be made by telephoning Transport Info on 131500.

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Route 323Monday to Friday peak hour service between Dover Heights, Rose Bay and City – Martin Place (AM) and City – Circular Quay (PM) Route 324 Additional Transport Information Daily full time service between Watsons Bay, Vaucluse Heights, Vaucluse and City – Circular Quay Route L24 Monday to Friday AM peak hour limited service between Watsons Bay, Vaucluse Heights, Vaucluse and City – Circular Quay Route 325 Sydney Buses PO Box 2557 STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012 Quality ISO 9001 Daily full time service between Watsons Bay, Nielsen Park, Vaucluse & City – Circular Quay Route 326 Includes Route 326 trips between Double Bay and the City.


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