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Last updated: February 9, 2019

Taking this subject would be a great help especially since I am planning to pursue a career in business and I am very enthusiastic about it.

  It would provide me with a vast knowledge of many business concepts that I may apply in any future endeavors that I will pursue that relate to business. I am looking forward to working as a broker and the training, skills and the knowledge that I will acquire from this program will undoubtedly help me to become successful in my chosen craft.Come job-hunting, having taken graduate economics classes would make my resume stand out from the rest of the applicants. This means that I will have a definite edge over them since the knowledge of business concepts that I would gain will surely attract the attention of the employer. The skills that I would gain would also help me to start and successfully manage my own business if I choose to put up one. A brokerage firm would be a good choice for a business venture since I am interested in becoming a broker.

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I also plan to take other graduate economics classes to learn more interesting concepts which would definitely come in handy. Everything that I learn from these classes will not go to waste since I could apply these to my chosen career. This program would also be helpful when I am searching for internships.

This program would also give me the opportunity to interact and with other students who are interested in business. This would allow me to build a network of students who are all interested in business. It may even be possible that these other students would become business partners in the future.This course will provide me with the necessary knowledge that would allow me to be successful in the field of business. It would be extremely helpful in treading the path to becoming a broker.


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