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Chapter 15 Review Page 530 Business Communications 1. In preparing an oral presentation, you can reduce your fears and lay a foundation for a professional performance by focusing on what fives areas? Preparation, Organization, Audience Rapport, Visual Aids, and Delivery. 2.

In the introduction of an oral presentation, how many main points should be developed? There are 3 main points: Capture listeners’ attention and get them involved. Identify yourself and establish your credibility. Preview your main points. 3.

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For a 20-minute presentation, how many points should be developed? For a shorter presentation a limited number of points should be included; 2-4. 4. Which part of a speech – the introduction, body or conclusion – will listeners most remember? The conclusion because it is the last thing they will hear and also summarizes all the information that has just been presented. 5. List six techniques for creating effective imagery in a presentation. Discuss.

-Analogies: A comparison of similar traits between dissimilar things can be effective in explaining and drawing connections.For example, Product development is similar to the process of conceiving, carrying, and delivering a baby. Or, Downsizing or restructuring is similar to an overweight person undergoing a regimen of dieting habit changing and exercise. -Metaphors: A comparison between otherwise dissimilar things without using the words like or as results in a metaphor. For example, Our competitors’ CEO is a snake when it comes to negotiating. Or, My desk is a garbage dump. -Similes: A comparison that includes the words like or, as is a simile.

For example, Our critics used our background report like a drunk uses a lamppost – for support rather than for illumination. Or, She’s as happy as someone who just won the lottery. -Personal Anecdotes: Nothing connects you faster or better with you audience than a good personal story. In a talk about e-mail techniques, you could reveal your own blunders that became painful learning experiences.

In a talk to potential investors, the founder of a new ethnic magazine might tell a story about growing up without positive ethnic role models. Personalized Statistics: Although often misused, statistics stay with people – particularly when they relate directly to the audience. A speaker discussing job searching might say, Look around the room. Only three out of five graduates will find a job immediately after graduation. If possible, simplify and personalize facts. For example, The sales of soft drinks totaled 198 million cases last year.

That means that six cases of pop were consumed by every man, woman and child in Canada. -Worst and Best case scenarios: Hearing the worst that could happen can be effective in driving home a point.For example, If we do nothing about our computer backup system now, it’s just a matter of time before the entire system crashes and we lose all of out customer contact information. Can you imagine having to start from scratch in building all of your customer files again? However, if we fix the system now, we can expand our customer files and actually increase sales at the same time. 6.

Name three ways for a speaker to use verbal signposts in a presentation. Previewing “The next segment of my talk presents three reasons for…” “Lets now consider the causes of…”Summarizing “Let me review with you the major problems I’ve just discussed…” “You see, then, that the most significant factors are…” Switching Directions “Thus far we’ve talked solely about…; now let’s move to… ” “I’ve argued that…and…but and alternative view holds that…” 7. Why are visual aids particularly useful to inexperienced speakers? They are useful because it helps take all the attention off of the speaker if nervous. As well it provides a backbone for the presenter to use to help demonstrate the spoken topics. 8.

Why are transparencies a favourite visual aid? Transparencies are cheap, easily made, easy to edit, compatible with almost any room used to present and simple to use. 9. Name specific advantages and disadvantages of multimedia presentation software. Pros: Creates a professional appearance with many colour, art, graphic and font options. Easy to use and transport via removable disk. Web downloads or email attachment, inexpensive to update. Cons: Present potential incompatibility issues. Require costly projection equipment and practice for smooth delivery.

Tempt user to include razzle-dazzle features that may fail to add value. 10. How is the Rule of Seven applied in preparing bulleted points? Each slide should have no more than 7 bullet points, with no more than 7 words.

7×7 therefore 49 words a page or less. Not including the title. 11. What delivery method is most effective for speakers? The “notes method” is most effective. Plan you presentation carefully and talk from note cards or an outline containing key sentences and major ideas. 12. Why should speakers deliver the first sentence from memory?Speakers should do this because it is an effective way to show your audience that you are not only confident in what you are presenting, but also that you know about the topic. It will grasp their attention easier as well if you are talking to them rather than reading.

13. How might presentations before international or cross-cultural audiences be altered to be most effective? Consider breaking up the presentation up into short, discrete segments and developing each topic separately, encouraging discussion periods after each. Such organization enables participants to ask question and digest what has been presented. 4. What is a three-point introduction for a telephone call? Name the person you are calling.

Identify yourself and your affiliation. Give a brief explanation of you reason for calling. 15.

Name two benefits and drawbacks to remote conferencing. Benefits: Can communicate to a wider variety of people without having to travel. Can communicate with multiple offices at once and the can do the same. Save time and money. Increases productivity.

Drawbacks: Untimely technology breakdowns, fewer opportunities to build relationships, and limitations in gauging audience reactions and body language.


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