Why Buying a New Computer is cheaper and More Advantageous than Upgrading an Older One

The question of whether buying a new computer is cheaper and advantageous than repairing an old one is controversial and a subject of discussion. This is because like any other machine, there is an option of repairing or buying another one. For instance, buying a new computer will call for data transfer, migration or a set up of a completely new system. On the other hand, upgrading a computer eliminates these problems. However, upgrading a computer may not necessarily mean that the machine will meet the current standards. Indeed, some of the upgrading components may not work with an old machine or may work but may be slower.

Some old computers require specific components for upgrade, which may be very expensive that buying a new computer would be the economical decision (Doyle, 2000). In this interest therefore, this paper is written for the argument that buying a new computer is cheaper and more advantageous than upgrading an older one.One of the major limitations of repairing a computer is that the motherboard might not support the new hardware particularly the processor (Doyle, 2000). If this is the case then upgrading will undoubtedly be a wrong option. Still on the same point, repairing or replacing all the components of the computer is not cost effective.This problem is compounded by the fact that computer, like any other machine, have their components integrated to work as a single unit.

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All the components of a computer are expected to wear with age which results to a decrease in the overall performance of the computer (InfoWolrd, 1991). Frankly speaking and judging by the principles of reason, it is impossible to identify all the worn out components and it is costly to replace them. It is therefore impossible to upgrade a computer to its original operating conditions. On these grounds, the author proposes to buy a new computer.Another reason why the author stands for a new computer than repairing is that a new computer is given a warranty (Doyle, 2000). Repairing a computer will, in many a times, give a warranty of that particular component.

If the warranty of the old computer is still valid, it might be rendered ineffective especially if these components were not bought and fixed by the same company or dealers who sold the old computer.Further to this, buying a new computer means that you will be dealing with a particular company while upgrading a computer will mean that several companies will be involved in solving all the problems your computer might be experiencing (Doyle, 2000). This makes it difficult for these companies to follow up your computer settings or to update you on any new measures that can be taken to prevent failure. This problem is underscored by the fact that technology is growing at a very high rate and companies are competing to perfect their products. They are then looking for genuine causes of failure of their products to perfect and therefore dealing with several companies makes it difficult for your problems to be addressed.

In conclusion therefore, the issue of buying a new computer or repairing an old one is a two fold with each side having its cons and pros. This essay has highlighted that the overall cost of identifying and repairing all the non functioning components of a computer surpasses the cost of a new computer. In addition, repairing a computer calls for involvement of many companies and this can deny you a warranty or render the warranty of your old computer invalid. I therefore propose that these two factors should be analyzed and weighed for both sides before a decision is made otherwise buying a new computer is cheaper and more advantageous than upgrading an older one.ReferencesDoyle, S. (2000). Understanding Information Technology.

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