California Auto Club Reengineers Customer Service

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Last updated: June 13, 2019

A California Auto Club Reengineers Customer Service 1. Describe the customer service process at CSAA and discuss the different phases of the reengineering effort. The new customer service is called “member service consultant”. 80% of the customers’ problems are going to be solved by their new system. The system made by three separate systems. The linked data would respond to most members on the spot. The “preliminary phase” was designed to find “quick his”, it was to authorize field offices to give insured members a proof of coverage form that previously had to be routed through CSAA headquarters.

The average turnaround time for processing new business applications was reduced from six days to three days. It worked very well the quick hits resulted in estimated savings of nearly 4 million dollars, dropped the reworked from 59% to 16%. 2. What tools from the operations consulting tool kit were applied here? Which other ones would be of value here? Explain. The tool kit were applied here is “Data Analysis and Solution Development” The systems were working based on the linked data; it could solve most of the problems.

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“Data Gathering” also can be used in these systems.It is about Plant tours/audits, Work sampling, Flow charts and Organizational charts. The systems need to improve and upgrade all the time when the new problems are found or new products. According to the new systems working process, the database should be upgraded very quickly to fit the need of the customers, it comes from the consultants that solve the specialists, use their experience to the database, and then the systems are going to get stronger and stronger, the problems are going to be solved sooner and sooner. 3. Discuss process enablers’ role developing the new design.

They are the new data importers; they are going to upgrade the systems. This is one part of the new design. This system is great, because it base on the linked data, it is going to save a lot of time to figure out the same problems.

Another thing they have to do is find the errors in the systems, sometimes, the same outlook problems come from totally different reasons, it is hard to do, but easy to find out, they have to perfect the systems, making some notes in these kinds of problems. The last thing they have to do is correcting the systems process, making some new designs, finding some new ways to quick the process.


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