Capstone Project Topic: An Analysis of the Evolution of E-Business in America

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Last updated: March 9, 2019

Through employing three basic theories in economics, the evolution of e-business or ecommerce and its analysis was explained in the paper.  By law of supply and demand, the increase in the number of demand or those who are demanding that ecommerce be employed in business transaction gave rise to the number of suppliers or webhosts providing such service and to the number of companies who have its own websites that cater to ecommerce transactions (Samuelson & Nordhaus, 2001).  This worldwide business recognition of the usefulness of ecommerce is due to the overwhelming benefits that can be derived in ecommerce as against the costs (Bohm, Brown and Gladman, 2000).  Thus, using the cost-benefit analysis model, one can deduce that benefits overweigh the costs of ecommerce and therefore it is favorable to the management.

  Moreover, using the Game Theory in economics or Prisoner’s Dilemma, one can further associate such business decision vis-à-vis the conniving interests of other businesses in the same field (Moslein, 2001).  Therefore, using these three theories, one can deduce that the evolution of business transaction to electronic or technological level can be reasoned out by the practical decision of conniving with the profits in the market and the profits which can be derived through e-business.Specific purpose or objective of the management research project:  The main purpose of the study is to highlight the importance of market forces in making business decisions.

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  Because of law of supply and demand and the principle on cost-benefit analysis, companies are compelled to always choose what is beneficial and favorable for them.  The researcher, through the study, aims to divulge and share the mechanisms of such reasoning to any or all researchers who might become interested in the same subject matter.Departments or business units:  All businesses can be included in the research.  However, since e-business or ecommerce is always practically employed by banks or lending corporations, it is best to analyze the business practices of said companies as they may provide the widest scope of information pertinent to the subject matter.Need to prove specific hypothesis:  Actually, it needs no proving since the theories employed are already recognized as economic paradigms.

  What the study needs to prove is its applicability to the subject matter and how does it justify the current shifts in the market.Possible outcomes of your management research project:  Since the study is not of an investigative one, it aims to yield only justification of the applicability of the models employed vis-à-vis the market behavior of e-business.  Therefore, possible outcomes that may be inferred in this aspect delve on the utility and usefulness of the study to other studies which might be made with respect to ecommerce or e-business.For whom is the research project being undertaken:  The research project is undertaken for the benefit of the academe and the society in whole. 


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