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It couldn’t have been a more of an everntful day. My father was working at Friendly Honda on Route 44 at the time, therefore he recived a low price on the “hoopty”.

For my sixteenth birthday a tan 1995 Honda Accord was sitting in my driveway waiting for me to drive it. Though it was slightly rusted over the right rear tire, I was grateful to even have a car to call my own at the age of Sixteen. I was even more grateful when I found out that this was only the car I was driving to pick up my even newer car.I was crusing on Route 44 on my way to Friendly Honda and pulled into the Parts and Services lot.

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I could see my new car parked right in front of the door next to my fathers desk. It looked just like he said, ” It’s a 1997, red, fairly old, in great condition Honda Accord. An older chinese couple had it for years and decided to trade it in, perfect for you sweetie”. He could have said the engine was busted up and the windows didnt go down, but regardless I wouldn’t have noticed.

All I could think about was crusing down Route 9 with my girls, wind in our hair, and music so loud the car would shake. My father insisted on taking it for a test drive with me so I became farmiliar with it’s motion. After our joyride, he stopped at the Gulf across the street, filled up my tank, and asked what my plans were. ” Most likely picking Kristen up and then going to the mall, thats it”. Kristen Ravetti was my best friend at the time, and in my defense, that was my original plan.Once the keys were in my hand I headed off to Kristens, crusing down Route 9, wind in my hair, music blasting so loud the car would shake, all i was missing was my girls. However, it wouldn’t be long untill I pulled into Kristens driveway and honked the horn.

I was so loud arivving that everyone in the house ran outside. I shouted out to her to “hop in and we were going to the mall. ” She said she promised she would go grocery shopping for her mother before she came home from Rhode Island. “Well then it looks like were going grocery shopping then, hop in and let’s go” I yelled to her, nd her brothers girlfriend Nikki.

Once Kristen jumped in the passengers seat and Nikki in the back, Kristen told me our friends Marykate Fisher and Bobby Perrone wanted to get dinner and have a bonfire tonight after grocery shopping. With my new car came a new personality, i turned into “Yes Man” and didn’t register anything i was saying yes to. I was flying down Route 9 windows down, wind in our hair, music blasting so loud the car would shake, trying to get back to Wappingers as soon as possible.I was in the middle of the three lanes approaching the yellow light infront of Plant Depot when my entire outlook on driving changed dramatically.

The blue 2010 Honda Accord in the right lane about 100 ft from me was approaching the light quick. Being that i was a new driver i figured the blue 2010 Honda Accord would go through the yellow light and I’d be first in the right lane when it turned red. I swerved over to the right and all I saw were two bright red brake lights that I hadn’t anticipated.I slammed on the brakes so hard I’m surprised my foot didn’t go through the floor. My brakes like a volt locked fouriously. I panicked inside and saw it all happen before it took place.

My friends were yelling their conversation over the music not aware of what was about to happen. This new car not even three hours off the lot that was just given to me was sliding across the hot payvement. There was a good three or four seconds I sat in the drivers seat, the controler of my vehichle, and watched as we came closer and closer to the blue car.Frightened dosen’t even come close to the feeling I experienced. EEERRRR BOOM CRASH! My head flew forwards as my airbags exploded threw my stearing wheel and glove compartment. Countless thoughts ran through my mind as my car stood still fuming. My first reaction was to see that everyone in my car was all right.

Next I ran over to the drivers seat of the other car to see if whoever was in that car was alright. I nervously looked into the window to see an elderly couple holding hands checking each other for injuries.He man was wearing a 911 neacklace which I later found out from his wife was a precaution due to the multiple stokes hes had in the past. Luckily everyone was just fine.

I called my father to explain the accident myself before he got a call from the police and was thinking of was to murder me. Marykate called the police and moments later they were at the scene. Thank god everyone was all right. I on the other hand left the accident with my parents, sometimes I think if I left with the police my night would have went smoother.


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