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Last updated: April 1, 2019

When and if you built a car for the down hill derby. Was your favorite part painting it, working on the body, make sure that the paint was perfect? Did you polish that baby till it shined? If so you probably would be interested in a career as an auto body mechanic! To be an auto body mechanic you must have at least a grade ten education and some employers will also ask you for your high school diploma. So it will be in your best interest to finish high school.

You will also need to show that you finished an apprenticeship program as an auto body mechanic and collision damage repairer automotive painter or have a combination over three years of work experience in the auto body trade and completion of a high school or college automotive body repair program to get trade certification. Trade certification is mandatory most everywhere Red seal, which is the certification, is also available to qualified motor vehicle body repairers. There may be several different paths to basically the same career. Post-secondary education (like the university of Phoenix for example just to name one.

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Or training programs will help but nothing in this career is a guarantee. You should research your options carefully before you decide on any program. (I myself want to go to a college that gives me the best scholarship for my kicking and offers either a software programmer program or an auto body mechanic program. ) But anyway the specific duties for an auto body mechanic are to review damage reports and estimates of repair costs and plan work to be preformed. They also have to repair and replace front-end components, doors and frame and underbody components.

Auto body mechanics also have to hammer out dents fix buckles and other auto body defects using blocks and hammers sometimes rubber mallets, operate soldering equipment or use some sort of plastic filler to fill in any holes, dents, and seams in the body. They also remove any damaged or broken fenders, panels, and grills using wrenches and cutting torches or they will weld replacement parts on into the correct place. They will also straighten bent frames using frame and underbody pulling and anchoring machinery. They also can file, grind and sand repaired body surfaces using hand or power tools.Refinish by removing layers of sub coating with brushes or spray guns. Auto body mechanics can repair or replace interior components such as seat frame assembly carpets and floorboard insulation. They also will inspect repaired vehicles and test-drive them for proper handling.

An auto body mechanic can also be called an auto body repairer, an automotive body mechanic, an automotive body technician, a motor vehicle body repairer, a motor vehicle manufacturing metal finisher, a motor vehicle manufacturing metal repairer, a motor vehicle body technician, and a motor vehicle painterThe consumer of a body shop is entitled t6o select the auto body shop they want to take their car to to repair the damage done to the car covered by the insurance agency. The insurance agency is not able to insist on where to get their repairs done. A written estimate for repairs done to the car. They also are entitled to be informed on coverage on towing and storage of the car. They also need to be informed about the extent of coverage.

They also need to be informed where to make complaints and concerns about the car and the repair storage and towing ect.


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