Career Expository

At this point in many teenagers life they are contemplating on what to do after graduating from high school. Luckily I already have a pretty good idea of what I would like to do; ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved teaching people. I love children so I definitely want to major in the Elementary portion of teaching. After working with my grandmother that has a strong accent I have decided to also get a masters in Speech-Language Pathology. First off, as a Junior in high school I keep in mind my goals for the future.I have been taking my school work very seriously and challenging myself to prepare for college.

To fulfill my goal of being a Speech Pathologist you have to not only be knowledgable but very disciplined. Keeping this in mind makes me work harder in school and encourages me to take more rigorous classes. After graduating high school, I will be attending college because there is no other way to achieve my dream without it. The secret to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist can vary, for me I want to major in Elementary Education and have a masters in Speech-Language Pathology.It will take me about roughly 6 years to finish all of my schooling, 4 years for Elementary Education and roughly 2 years for a masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Once I have completed college, I will be able to purse my career. This career provides many benefits to my advantage, first and fore most the Salary.

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In May 2008, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of speech pathologists employed in elementary and secondary public schools was $60,970.Since I want to be a Speech-Language Pathologist in the school system it is a rewarding career. Working in the school system will give me good benefits and lots of vacation! In Conclusion, when I graduate high school and go off to college I will become a Elementary Education teacher with a masters in Speech-Language Pathology. I love kids and guiding them through their disorders would be a huge satisfaction watching my patient grow and expand their vocabulary and clearness would be an incredible experience.



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