Cash Crops of Pakistan

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Last updated: March 18, 2019

1. Introduction. 2. Cotton, rice, oil seeds and fruit, are the major cash crops of Pakistan.

3. Cotton is the silver fiber of cash crops. 4.

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Rice of Pakistan is liked much in the foreign countries. 5. The world’s famous Tobacco Virginia is cultivated in Peshawar. 6. The fruit of Pakistan are famous all over the world. .

7. Government should supply agricultural machinery, seeds and interest-free loans to the farmers,, 8. Conclusion Pakistan is an agricultural country. About 70% of its population depends upon agriculture. A huge number of its people are living in villages.These villagers are working in fields. They are producing two types of crops-food crops and non-food crops. The non-food crops are cash crops.

Cash crops mean those crops which earn foreign exchange for our country. The major cash crops of Pakistan are cotton, rice, tobacco, fruits and oil seeds. These crops are exported to foreign countries. With the help of cash crops, the country has been earning huge foreign exchange. These cash crops have become flourishing business for the people of Pakistan. The cash crops of Pakistan are grown in almost all provinces of Pakistan. The farmers grow them willingly.

Cotton is one of the major cash crops which is grown in the fertile lands of Sindh and Punjab. It is the flourishing crop which gives a huge foreign exchange to our country. The government helps the farmers by providing them pesticides and other chemicals to save the crop from the severe attack of dangerous insects and diseases. The government provides high quality seeds to the farmers and guides them about how to grow the crop of cotton scientificaily. uotton is expuueu iu luiciyn countries, it is called the silver fiber. Most of our textile industries depend upon the productions of cotton.Rice is another productive crop of Pakistan.

The rice of Pakistan is liked in the foreign countries. It earns a considerable foreign exchange for the country. This crop needs a huge amount of water for its harvest. It is grown in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. It has many kinds. Normally, it needs a hard soil to grow. Our farmers grow this crop a Sot.

Tobacco is one of the major crops of Pakistan. Its leaves are called the golden leaves. This crop needs soft surface. It is cultivated throughout Pakistan. However, the NWFP is famous for this crop.The northern areas of NWFP like Mansehra, Abbottabad and Swabi districts are favourable places for its cultivation.

The world’s famous Tobacco called Virginia Tobacco is grown in Peshawar, Swabi and Mansehra. The Tobacco industry is earning a huge foreign exchange, It is exported to European countries as well. farmers to upgrade the cash crops. Tube wells and canal system should be easily available to the farmers to water the plants well in time. The farmers should be guided and trained in the modern agricultural techniques. They should be provided all facilities in the villages, so that they may pay full attention to their fields and crops.


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