Caste System in India

The caste system described on Wikipedia, is the social stratification and social restrictions in the Indian subcontinent, in which social classes are defined by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups, often termed as jatis or castes. The caste system in India can be explained more of the a complex social structure of their hierarchy. The caste system is more of a group of people having a specific social rank. The jatis or castes can vary in size from a few to thousands of people.

There are various different castes arranged in a hierarchy order into the four varnas or meaning colors.The four groups are the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and the Shudras. The Brahmins which are knowned as the priest and learned class. The Brahmins were the dominating in the system because of their knowledge and respect they have from their society.

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One of the most common ways they kept their stature was through marriage. It was almost a rule or restricted for them to move down the caste system of marriage. The Kshatriyas which are ranked second in the caste syste were known as the the warriors and aristocrats.The Kshatriyas traditionally ruled over communities and the Indian society. The members of the their group was responsible for defending the society and upholding the justice for the people.

They also had their struggles with the Brahmins over power as well because they once were the ruling class. The Kshatriayas being warriors would rule by their strength and not with knowledge and religion as the Brahmins. The Vaishyas were the cultivators, aristans, and merchants of India’s society. The Vaishyas mainly dealt with the farming, agriculture, and trading in India during this time.They would put most of their focus on trade as merchants, their skilled labor, and owning of land.

This group would help India expand and become prosperous economically. The fourth rank were known as Shudras. They are of this society known as landless peasants and serfs.

They would work as the slaves or laborers for the higher classes of the caste system. They did any kind of work that other three upper classes wouldn’t do. They were even barred from entering temples or any type of social ceremonies.

They later evolved in what is called as the Untouchables.They were considered to be outside of the caste system of the jobs they would do such as sanitary work. They would be called the impure and couldn’t mingling amongst society as well. The British also would intergrate themselves into India and the caste system as well. They were among the educated within the caste and would use their abilities to give the government information to use in implimenting people under its administrations.

The different groups of the caste are essential to the India society and would shape their beliefs and population today.



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