Catcher in the Rye Cd

What’s My Age Again by Blink 183 In this song, the writer is on a date with a girl and then proceeds to act with a great deal of immaturity. He makes prank calls and acts like a middle school boy. This really ties to the theme of coming of age in the book. Holden is still young and immature but he faces many adult situations such as sexuality and violence. Both the singer in the song and Holden seem to be in between childhood and adulthood.

They both encounter adult situations and handle them in a very childish manner, such as when Holden runs away from school and Holden hires a prostitute but then just talks to her. . Lonely by Akon In the song, Akon’s girlfriend has run away and left him, he is now lonely. He is longing for his girlfriend to come back.

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This song ties in to the fact of Holden being extremely lonely.Holden is constantly seeking companionship throughout the novel. Holden even goes to the extent of soliciting a prostitute just so he can talk to her and hopefully form some sort of relationship. Besides his younger sister Phoebe, there is really no one whom Holden is close too. He is trying to find people who he can have a close relationship with; similar to how Akon is trying to find his girlfriend.

. Freebird by Lynrd Skynrd In this song the lead singer is distancing himself from the controls of society. He compares himself to a bird which is flying free. He even tells his girlfriend he will leave her to seek what he is looking for.

This song matches the theme of non-conformity. Holden wants to be free of what society wants him to be and wants him to do. The ducks, which can go place to place at their whim, are a symbol of this. Holden deeply wishes he could do as he pleases, much like the ducks. 4. Youth of the Nation by PODThis song is about outwardly average teenagers leading normal lives who encounter great tragedy. One of the boys goes to school one day and is then shot. The song is mainly about teenagers facing the tragedies they are not prepared for.

This relates to the loss of innocence theme in the book. On several different occasions Holden recounts tragedies, which in his immaturity he was not prepared to deal with. Included are his witnessing James Castles death and dealing with his Brother Allie’s death. As Holden moves closer to adulthood he encounters more situations which cause him to loose his innocence. . Express Yourself by NWA In this song the singers egg on their listeners to express themselves in many different manners.

As the song progresses they say people should act like themselves, they reproach people who are fake and phone, they also encourage individualism and self-expression. This ties into the theme of non-conformity. A good example of this would be Holden’s red hunting hat. It is utterly unstylish and out of place, but Holden likes to wear it anyway and express himself and also to be different.

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