Catholic Social Teaching

Lorre-Liz Stokes Catholic Social Teaching Summary Catholic Social Teaching is a social message or mission that consists of a set of Church doctrines and official documents that make up the underlying message of the Gospel and provide a framework for how Catholics should live their lives in response to the challenges of every day life in society. The mission of Catholic Social Teaching is derived from biblical values and expression of Christian tradition. The central teaching calls for a vision for all members whether rich or poor, to work to eliminate poverty and its effect.

To strive for equal opportunity and for every human being to have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. The Catholic tradition calls for its members to speak out against inequality in order to shape a more caring society creating a more peaceful world. Catholics are to work for social justice. The teachings proclaim Jesus calls us to this mission for social justice and that working for social justice is the work of faith, a powering religious task. Social justice is a profound religious task and not that of political or ideological plan.We are taught through Catholic Social Teachings that we as Catholics are called upon to bring the healing hand of Christ to those in need. Also to bring the message of love, justice, and peace to a world full of suffering. Catholic tradition is opposed to any type of war.

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We are called as a nation to protect the right to life by finding better ways to prevent conflicts and when they cannot be prevented to resolve them in a peaceful matter. Every person is precious and must be treated as such. Things are not more important than people.The way we organize our society either in economics and politics, in law and policy, directly affects human dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in community. The Catholic tradition reflects the idea that human rights must be protected and responsibilities must be met in order to posses a healthy community that protects human dignity. Therefore, as individuals of society we have our own right and duties to one another, to our families, and to society at whole. Catholic Social Teaching promotes putting the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.Also, on the topic of economy, Catholic tradition believes that the economy is to serve the people.

Individuals working in society is simply them continuing participation in God’s creation. Therefore the basic rights of worker must be respected. Including the right to productive work, right to fair wages, and to economic initiative. Solidarity is promoted within the Catholic tradition. We are to love our brothers and sisters regardless of our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences. In a world encircled by violence and conflict, loving all of our brothers and sisters promotes peace in the world.



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