The Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

?hild abuse are very common occur in Malaysia and due by many causes and effect to the children growing. Child abuse is the intentional and unexplainable neglect or infliction of Physical, Mental, or Sexual pain and suffering on a child. Susan Tan , Wealth Mastery Academy intern worker who wrote on article “Child Abuse Cases in Malaysia”, states, “The cases in Malaysia are getting serious; according to Social Welfare Department of Malaysia indicated each year at least 1,000 children in Malaysia are reported as victims” (Susan, T. 2010). The Violent Family is one of the causes to bring about the child abuse. Child abuse is sometimes a reflection of other forms of severe family conflict. Violence in one aspect of family life often flows into other aspects because when an individual has negative life experiences, such as losing a job or deteriorating health, violent behaviour becomes more prevalent.

Family conflict comes over such issues as money, sex, social activities, housekeeping, and children. A lack of money can be especially stressful.Children who are living in an environment where Family Violence is occurring are also at a high risk to experience violence and/or abuse either directly or indirectly. For example, family have characteristics such as having violent or abusive parents, poor parental supervision, harsh or aggressive discipline in the home and growing up in a broken family. Normally, Children who suffer from family violence may continue the cycle. Corporal Punishment increases the risk of physical abuse and also is the major causes of child abuse.Corporal punishment of child for misbehaviour involves striking them on the buttocks or the palm of the hand in a premeditated ceremony with an implement specially kept for the purpose such as a rattan cane or spanking paddle, or with the open hand.

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Corporal Punishment by Parents due to their children are did something wrong. Parents who have been physically disciplined as adolescents are more likely to believe that it is acceptable to use violence to remedy misbehaviour.At school, teacher purposely inflicts pain upon a child in order to stop that child’s unacceptable behaviour or inappropriate language. Less commonly, it could also include spanking or smacking the student in a deliberate manner on a specific part of the body with the open hand, especially at the elementary school level. In addition, Child neglect also is the major social problem and is one type of child abuse. Neglect is an act of omission, or the absence of action. Parent neglect the children are condition in which a child fails to develop physically or even to survive.Moreover, psychologically neglected children are score lowest in IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests.

Child Neglect around the World and happen every second. According to a 2001 report in Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, “Worldwide, approximately 40 million children are subjected to child abuse each year. Studies from many countries in all regions of the world suggest that up to 80 to 98 % of children suffer physical punishment in their homes, with a third or more experiencing severe punishment resulting from the use of implements. (World Health Organization (WHO), 2001). The main effect of Child abuse for children is physical consequences. One of the physical consequences is impaired brain development will affect the children become a maimed person. Perry and shore said “Child abuse and neglect have been shown, in some cases, to cause important regions of the brain to fail to form properly, resulting in impaired physical, mental, and emotional development” (Perry, 2002; Shore, 1997).

As Dallam says when discussing the case of The long-term medical consequences of childhood maltreatment, “the stress of chronic abuse causes a “hyper arousal” response by certain areas of the brain, which may result in hyperactivity, sleep disturbances, and anxiety, as well as increased vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, and learning and memory difficulties” (Dallam, 2001).Another effect of child abuse for children is psychological consequences. For example, poor mental and emotional health of children will make their mood become unstable. “In one long-term study, as many as 80 percent of young adults who had been abused met the diagnostic criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder at age 21. These young adults exhibited many problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide attempts” , stated by Silverman, Reinherz, ; Giaconia on journal The long-term equelae of child and adolescent abuse: A longitudinal community study. In addition, “Other psychological and emotional conditions associated with abuse and neglect include panic disorder, dissociative disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and reactive attachment disorder” said lead investigator Dr. Martin H.

Teicher, of the McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts. One more effect of child abuse for children is behavioral consequences.Abused and neglected children have been found more likely to experience problems such as delinquency, teen pregnancy, low academic achievement, drug use, and mental health problems. So that, they are likely to smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or take illicit drugs. Furthermore, Abusive behavior will continue on their later generation. However, abusive parents often have experienced abuse during their own childhoods and it is estimated that approximately one-third of abused and neglected children will eventually victimize their own children.In conclusion, a child is a blessing and joy to have, and by all means does not deserve to be put through any of this torture. Our nation needs to love and take care of its precious children.

Just think about it for a second-they are the future of our generation. The best way to help an abused child or preventing it from happening to child is by educating the younger generation.

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