Company background History Cerealicious was born out of a group’s hard work and collaboration. It is one constant evolution of creative ideas, thoughtful experiments and passionate undertakings.

It all began early 2005 when a group of friends decided to offer a new and exciting way of eating cereals outside of home. The group, consisting of college friends and officemates, saw that the market needed healthier food options that are delicious at the same time.The group began conceptualizing the business identifying their target market, scouting for the ideal location, planning the store look, floor layout and design, logo and mascot, product offerings and witty names of their bestsellers. After a year of planning, the first Cerealicious outlet opened its doors on January 4, 2006 inside the University of Sto. Tomas compound. Its homey kitchen atmosphere attracted students who wanted to relax and feel happy amidst the daily stress in school.

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Cerealicious soon gained a loyal following especially among the young people.After a few months, the business grew and expanded to three more locations, one along Taft Avenue (near De La Salle University), one in The Block, SM North, and another one inside La Salle Greenhills. In 2007, the group continued to expand in Mendiola, Morayta, Greenhills, Cebu, and inside campuses such as Ateneo de Manila University, Ateneo de Davao, and De La Salle Zobel.

ADVERTISTMENTS Magazines 1) Smart Parenting (May ’06) 2) Seventeen (July ’06) 3) Entrepreneur (Jan/Feb ’07) 4) F & B (Food & Beverage) Magazine (March-April ’07) 5) Action ; Fitness (March-April ’07) ) Chalk (April ’07) 7) Candy (April ’07) 8) K-Zone (April ’07) Broadsheets 1) Philippine Star (April ’06) 2) Manila Bulletin (August ’06) 3) Business World (August ’06) TV Appearances ANC Money (May 5, 2006) ABS-CBN Kabuhayang Swak na Swak (October 12, 2006) ABS-CBN At Home Ka Dito (October 29, 2006) QTV Sa Pulso (January 8, 2007) GMA 7 Unang Hirit (July 27, 2006) STUDIO 23 Us Girls (April 22, 2007) ANC Shoptalk (August 22, 2006) GMA 7 Unang Hirit -2nd feature (May 8, 2007) STUDIO 23 Breakfast (March 30,2007) Cerealicious is a fast-food restaurant chain based in the Philippines.Cerealicious offers Post, Nestle, Kellogg’s and 30+cereals, 40+ toppings with milk and certainly memorable Cereal Blockbusters. It incorporates local flavours to serve Filipino taste. LOCATIONS/STORES 2/F building, IT Park CebuFirst Strip, Mendiola Cinema level Robinsons GalleriaSherwood place, Taft Avenue UST Campus EspanaMorayta, Manila Theatre Mall GreenhillsDe la salle Greenhills De la salle ZobelAteneo De Manila University Ateneo De Davao UniversityLoyola Heights, Katipunan PRODUCTS/MENU The cereal bar offers different ways to enjoy cereals.Their create-your-own line allows customers to experiment and play around with the assorted cereal brands, different kinds of toppings, ice cream, syrups, as well as a wide variety of milk choices. Customers who find it hard to choose among the varied options can opt to order Blockbusters which are set combinations of cereals, milkshake and toppings named and inspired after hit movies such as Nutting Hill (Notting Hill), Jelly Maguire (Jerry Maguire), Foreese Gump (Forest Gump), Cashewblanca (Casablanca), Froot Loose (Foot Loose), Jumango (Jumanji), and a whole lot more making it a fun and delicious experience for all.Customers may also try the smaller-sized Trailers to get a sneak peek of these delightful cereal mixes.

Aside from the refreshing and mouthwatering cereal concoctions, Cerealicious also offers smoothies with cereal bits which they call Smoochies, as well as cereal treats and cereal splits which they call Ice Cream Liners. Recently they added pastas, rice meals and cookies to their menu. VISION To be the best cereal franchise in the Philippines by serving high-quality products that integrate cereals in the Filipino lifestyle. MISSION In pursuit of our vision, we aim: To provide our customers with the best cereal experience.We constantly innovate and improve our products and services that would attract and sustain consumers. To equip our employees with the values and skills needed for the business and their own personal success and growth. We believe and acknowledge that our human resources are our most valuable assets.

Happy and motivated employees are the key to a successful business. CORE VALUES Happiness Cerealicious is all about making people happy. This is what we want to stand for in the hearts of our customers. We see it as our social responsibility to lift the spirits of our customers by giving them a pleasant and exciting eating experience.And as we continue to grow, we will actively look for more ways to build and enrich the lives of those around us – spreading happiness one bowl at a time. Continuous Innovation The company is committed to getting better every day.

We constantly strive for innovation and improvement of our products and services to satisfy a diverse market, be ready for competition that may arise, and cater to customers’ needs and expectations. We encourage creativity and are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts that may appeal to a broad market. Customer CommitmentWe go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers.

We listen and respond to our customers as we want to meet or exceed their expectations on every trip to Cerealicious. By doing so, we get our customers’ trust and loyalty that they become advocates of our business, promoting Cerealicious to their friends and acquaintances. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably, and with class.

Quality Standards We have high standards and our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can.We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value, and appearance of all of the products we carry. Uniqueness Cerealicious provides customers with a cereal experience like no other. It creates cafes wherein one can relax and enjoy a custom-made cereal bowl. The unique store concept encourages people to express their own uniqueness, think out of the box, and be as adventurous and wacky as they’d like to be as they create their own unique dining experience. Inviting Store Environments We create store environments that are inviting, hip, fun, and reflect the market we serve.

We want our stores to become meeting places where our customers can feel comfortable in, relaxed, and happy to meet their friends and make new ones. Empowering Work Environments Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our team members. We recognize that everyone has a contribution to make. We strive to create a work environment where motivated team members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential.

Integrity We maintain the highest standard of integrity in our business conduct. Our trade partners are our allies in serving our stakeholders.We treat them with respect, fairness, and integrity at all times and expects the same in return. We practice honesty in how we deal with our customers, each other, and with the communities where we serve. We are transparent, fair, and consistent in all our relationships. Teamwork We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.

Profitable Growth We recognize that sustained, profitable growth is key to our long-term success.Profitable growth enables us to invest in our customers, partners, and associates. To grow and create profitable cereal franchises hand-in-hand with our franchisees and suppliers. We work to create businesses that will empower the Filipino entrepreneur. Our success is only a reflection of the success of our partners in business II. Organizational chart Criselda Marie “CRISSY” A. Balatbat Business Development/PR/Media Manager Cum Laude, Broadcast Communication, University of the Philippines, Diliman Writer/Editor, Summit Media, 2003-2005 /Newstar Publishing, 2005-2006 Charlene Therese “SHAO” M. FalcisBrand & Marketing Manager Graduate, Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman Product Manager, KFC-Mister Donut, 2003-2005 Joie Lester “TETER” N.

Fuentes Management Information Systems Manager Graduate, Management Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University Sr. Business Analyst, Corporate Finance, KFC-Mister Donut, 2003-2005 Marketing Manager, Branders. com, 2005-present Katrina “TRINA” B. Ronas Operations and Training Manager Graduate, Food Technology, University of the Philippines, Diliman Assistant Training Manager, Mister Donut, 1999-2006 Natasha “TANYA” P. Tabucal HR ManagerGraduate, Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman Business Analyst, Globe Telecom, 2003-2004 Training Manager, Sto. Domingo Associates, Philamlife, 2005-present Andrew “ANDOY” James P.

Varona Finance/IE/OR Manager Magna Cum Laude, Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman Management Trainee, Unilever Philippines, 2003-2005 DEOs Category Planner, Unilever Philippines, 2005-present Store organizational chart The store manager checks up the branch everyday, she reviews the inventory, looks at the supply, see if there’s anything lacking or if there’s any problem.She’s the one who’s in control, the boss of her own business. Under store manager is the team leader, he or she is in charge of the operations and staff. In customer relations, there is a security guard who ensures the safety of the customers and he attends to other concerns of the customer such as parking. BOH or also known as the kitchen is composed of two cooks. In a FOH or counter, there is a person in charge of the cashier and with him are two toppers or waiters that are friendly and equipped to assist the customers.

III. Flowchart and Description of Company’s Business Processes A. PurchasingEvery week they make a purchase list of the things they need such as groceries and equipment. They have two sources for their raw materials, a warehouse in Roces Ave. , Q.

C. and any grocery store or wet market. They canvass prices from different suppliers, and also makes sure that the products are of high quality. The supplies that they ordered should be enough for one week but if not they can easily buy the materials. They don’t have to report to the head office unless they will order from their warehouse. They would just text or call for orders and it will be delivered to them after a few days.

B. LogisticsWEEKLY CYCLE The logistics department is the one responsible in receiving the deliveries of the suppliers. They make a weekly order form and forward it to the warehouse through text/call/fax or email for processing. The warehouse issues a sale invoice (SI) and prepares the delivery to be transported to the store. The store receives the stocks and in receiving the items they check the sales invoice from the actual items to double check if the items are in good condition and if they got the order correct. The store uses the items and by the end of the week or day they do inventory and make a weekly order form again.C. Inventory End of shift/day Inventory is a summary on sales and generates the list of products sold for the day or for the week.

Cerealicious has two forms of inventory, one for daily and another for weekly inventory. They do inventory by the end of the shift (2 shifts, from 9am-3pm and 3pm-9 pm) and summarize their data to make it more organized. From their POS (point of sales) machine they automatically generate sales report for the shift/day. They transfer data manually to a form which is the DSR (daily sales report) which is submitted weekly to the office.

The office transfers DSR data to excel file for hecking and for recording purposes. D. Sales Service flow The customer looks at the menu from the counter and when she or he has decided the customer approaches the cashier and the cashier takes the order and punches it to the POS machine. The order of the customer should be listed in the order slip (OS). The cashier tells the cost and gets payment from customer and gives out customer’s change. The cashier gives the receipt to the customer and the customer waits as the order slip isa relayed to the FOH/BOH to prepare the order and when ordered is served it will we delivered at the table of the customer.Sales reports are sent to the head office thru e-mail on a weekly basis.

E. Accounting Accounting Process for Purchasing/Accounts Payable They create a purchase list and gets money from the cashier (petty cash voucher) and then issue it as purchase order. A petty cash voucher is usually a small form that is used to document a disbursement (payment) from a petty cash fund. Petty cash vouchers are also referred to as petty cash receipts and can be purchased from office supply stores. OR is needed for proof that they purchased this product at this price, no OR means no accreditation.Here in the Philippines OR is not always present especially in wet markets, if they don’t have an OR they ask for the name and number of the seller for accreditation purposes. Once the PVC and OR are received, they are sent to the accounting department for posting or updating the financial statements. Accounting Process for Sales Every shift and everyday, they collect the data summary of sales through generic software called express retail.

They manually record it and by the end of the week they send it to the head office where in they transfer the data to excel for the financial statement. IV. Current Software Applications in Use by the Company Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is a word processor and the software used by the company to make order sheets, purchase orders, and manual inventory forms. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations.

It has a battery of supplied functions to answer financial needs which the cerealicious use for recording financial statements. Express retailRetail Express is a powerful point of sale software, POS software, and inventory management software platform. It helps in operational efficiency and profitable growth. It’s an inventory software and pos software program that deliver results.

The requirement to improve stock control and inventory management systems, speed up the point of sale systems, and reduce time spent on all retail operations tasks is paramount. It brings the very latest in pos systems and point of sale software technology into an ‘easy to use’ and practical application. It’s just generic software but an effective one for Cerealicious.V. Evaluation of the Usefulness and Limitations of the Current Software Applications VI. Evaluation of Company’s Systems vis-a-vis Company’s Business Processes Business Process StepSystem Used to Support Business ProcessRating of Extent of Support in %Justification of RatingUser’s WishesRecommendations PurchasingMicrosoft Excel95%It is easy to use Nothing. It’s easy to use and my staff has no problem with it. I think they need to have a back up file for this because they do this manually and if they lost something they really have to find it because they don’t have any back-up files in the computer.

InventoryBlank Forms80%It’s not that safe because some document can easily get lost or damaged. It is effective since the company is small but maybe it would be a big help if there would be customized software for inventory and sales. I agree that it would be better if they have a computerized system to make the data more accurate and for security purposes so that the files wouldn’t get lost or damaged. LogisticsMicrosoft Excel90%It is user friendly and easy to use. Nothing, it’s just enough for our small company.I agree because they can just easily text or call for a their order.

SalesPOS95%This is generic software. The system is enough for now because the business is not that big but in the near a future it maybe best to have a customized software. I agree that they don’t need a customized software right but its good that they see how a customized software will help them in their business. AccountingMicrosoft Excel90%It is user friendly and easy to use.

Nothing. It already grants our needs. It is good that the they deliver data to the head office by weekly. VII. RecommendationsI don’t have much recommendation because I think they are doing a great job.

They would be doing better and making life easier for them if they are more computerized than manual and if they have a customized software to have more access and control over their business. VIII. Appendix http://www. five-startraining. com/restaurant_manuals_Operations. html http://cerealicious-ph. com/index. htm http://en.

wikipedia. org/wiki/Cerealicious cerealiciouscafe@yahoo. com http://www. franchiseprep. com/docs/operationsmanual/Restaurant-OPS-Manual-TOC. pdf http://www.

retailexpress. com. au/

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