Changes in the Diet of International Students

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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Overseas students usually are teenagers who do not have enough experience of life. They often need to think of problems of having meals. The different cooking cultures will cause overseas students have to adapt to these new cultures. Although in these new environments, students still have many choices, such as fast food or cooking by themselves. Facing different lifestyles or schedules, students need to change their ways to life sometimes.

The most students would think of the cost of meals to choose their diet habit. So, students with different economic situations or eating habits would choose various meals.In a research about how to US students have their meals. We learn some information about the diet situation of American overseas students. For example, the 37% of these students would skip their meals and the others would not. The 77% of them would rather cook their native diet than eat out.

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These questions can show us the different diet culture would cause students choose their diet habit. Diet changing of overseas students is available to discuss. These young students who come into a new diet situation need find the most suitable way have their meals.Firstly, I found that few of students never eat fast food, many students eat fast food twice a week, and at weekends most students are welling to eat fast food to save time.

Then at another question, I found more than 90% students were affected by American food to cooking or choose their meal. I founded these from a research named Impact of the American Diet on Newly-Arrived International Students during their first three months at Virginia Tech. Secondly, I learned that 67% American international students would think of the fee and the nutrition of food or meal to choose what they eat.This information is from another research, DIETARY CHANGES OF FIRST-YEAR FOREIGN STUDENTS STUDYING AT YEREVAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. Finally, I found that a question that is how much has the American diet influenced your buying / cooking pattern? A majority believed that they were influenced to a degree by the American diet as 63% participants said “somewhat” when asked about American diet influence on their buying and cooking patterns. Their opinion remained almost same at visit three where 65% participants still believed that they were somewhat getting influenced.


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