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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work for several different firms and, in that time, have had many coworkers with varying degrees of mannerisms and characteristics. My colleague’s personalities ranged from extrovert to introvert, egotistical to insecure, logical to irrational, personable to detached, and so on. I feel that working alongside this assortment of personalities has given me insight into which characteristics are important to being a great coworker.Some of these characteristics include patience, honesty, morality, and loyalty, but above all else, the ability to be balanced interpersonally is the most important quality a coworker can possess. It is a cliche to say that balance is the key to being a great coworker but in the workplace, where you often spend more time with your colleagues than with your own family members, this can mean the difference between a harmonious office versus one that is full of stress and anxiety.In my personal experience, for example as a financial analyst, colleagues with extreme personalities, like moodiness, fickleness, and unprofessionalism, often hinder productivity by magnify tension between staff and faculty, causing undue stress during budgetary deadlines. Conversely, colleagues who have a balanced personality are easier to communicate with, more pleasant to be around, and create less tension in a demanding atmosphere.Throughout my career, I have often been the most productive when teamed with coworkers who were able to maintain a level head in any situation and in dealing with others.

Characteristics such as honesty, morality, loyalty, etc. , are all very important traits but the ability to stay balanced when you are required to work closely and spend large amounts of time together is the most important characteristic a coworker can have.

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