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Last updated: February 4, 2019

Child Guidance Clinic is a registered, nonprofit making voluntary organization of the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital which has been initiated in the year 1997 and has been actively working to promote the welfare and interest of disabled children, economically poor and needy orphans. “Reaching the Unreached” is the motto of the organization. STRATEGY: * To undertake programmes for awareness and prevention of such disabilities, deprivation and neglect. * To undertake programmes for the identification, education training and rehabilitation of such persons. To cooperate and collaborate with likeminded organizations and individuals in the implementation of the programmes. The main thrust of Child Guidance Clinic is: * To establish special school for the physically and mentally challenged.

* School for street children in urban areas. * Development of schools in rural areas for child labor. * AIDS Awareness Camps. * Environmental Protection program. . * Health Camps * Women and youth programs * Self Help programs * Formal and Non-formal education. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SCHOOL: * To help the children make themselves personally adequate, socially competent and vocationally skilled. To educate the parents about mental retardation with a view to arouse consciousness of the special needs of the children and their responsibility towards them.

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* To counsel and guide the parents regarding the training aspects at home of severely retarded children who are not able to attend the centre. * To organize pre-vocational and vocational programs for the children with mental retardation.* To accelerate the overall development of physical, mental, social and emotional ability of the child through yogasanas. * To organize group activities through play. To rehabilitate the persons after prevocational and vocational training. SALIENT FEARTURES OF THE SCHOOL: * Multidisciplinary team providing diagnostic and therapeutic services.

* Individualized as well as group training programs by specially qualified teachers. * Yoga Therapy * Music Therapy. * Pre-vocational and Vocational training. * Early Intervention Services. * Home Based and Centre Based Training. * Recreation facilities.

* Parent Counseling and Guidance. * Family Counseling Services. * Community Based Rehabilitation programmes.

* Day Care and Residential facility. * Free Aids, Appliances and medicines. Free Eye and Dental camps. * Awareness and Rehabilitation programmes in rural areas. ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT: At present the Clinic has about 70 students enrolled under its service.

The children brought to the clinic are affected with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Speech Difficulty, Behavioural Problems, and ADHD. The child with family are assessed by a pediatrician and a physiotherapist and a social worker and the problems of the child are discussed and then bought to the family’s notice and family members are asked to participate in the activities done in the clinic.The clinic has two sections where individual and group therapy is done in the initial stages of admission to the clinic. It includes muscle strengthening, hand- eye coordination, physiotherapy for severely affected children. The child is evaluated and then shifted to the next department of formal education which is done by a teacher trained for special children. She provides activities as per child’s ability. Parents are also involved in the teaching process to help them understand the needs and problems of their child and to give appropriate assistance and encouragement for the child.

The parents are requested not to overly help the child which makes the child dependent on the parent. CONCLUSION: The clinic has been a benefit to many of the children who are specially challenged and also parents of these children face a lot of stress and stigma that makes them unable to provide the best care for their child. This clinic provides support and guidance in the care of these special children and also a support to the parents to develop a positive outlook in the care of their child and also to develop skills in caring for them.


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