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1. When comparing the major religions, what sets Christianity apart from the others?As compared to other religion, what sets Christianity apart is that Christians serve a Risen Savior, a living God. The Jews say their leader has not yet appeared. While in Islam, Mohammad is dead. Christianity is not built solely upon teachings and doctrines taught by Jesus Christ; rather, it is built upon Him who is the center and crux of Christianity. In Islam, it is basically based on the doctrines, teachings, and philosophies of Mohammed which continues up to this day without him.  There is, in effect, a marked detachment and disassociation between the founder of Islam and its teachings.2.

Identify a common thread that connects the 3 major religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) and describe the task of the Christian missionary based on that common thread.These religions are known as the Abrahamic religions because they all trace their origin back to the prophet Abraham and are very close to each other. They all worship the same one God. The three religions based their spiritual traditions in their holy books; the Torah, Bible and Qu’ran which talks of exactly the same fundamental Truths – worship God, love one another, improve yourself and remember that there is a life beyond this world. The task of the Christian missionary is to spread the word of God to all the unbelievers.3.

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What is the main foundation of the theory that non-Christians can be saved?The belief that good works can save is the main foundation of the theory that non-Christians can be saved. Accordingly, even if a person does not go to church or is not baptized as long as he or she is not doing something bad, he/she could still be saved. What is very alarming is that, people claiming to be Christians are sometimes acting like they are non-Christians or even worse. They are supposed to be more open-minded and understanding but sometimes, it is the opposite.


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