Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (Cml)

The type of cancer I chose to write about is Chronic Myelogeous Leukemia.

This type of cancer is very common in the United States. The cause of this cancer is avoidable and is not contagious. There are certain symptoms that won’t be detected at the time of diagnosis. Signs and symptoms have a tendency to develop little by little. However there is a treatment for this disease that slows the process down or even stops it from getting mortal. This cancer has two causes: exposure to very high doses of radiation and a high-dose radiation therapy used to treat other cancers.On the other hand, doctors have found that most people with CML do not develop it from high dose radiations. People with this cancer may not have any symptoms while being diagnosed.

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The most common way which detects CML is by having your yearly check-up or a medical examination. These signs and symptoms are likely to develop slowly. The most common signs and symptoms are: tiring more easily, shortness of breath doing usual day-to-day activities, pale skin color, enlarged sleep leading to a “dragging” feeling on the upper left side of the abdomen, night sweats, an ability to tolerate warm temperatures, and weight loss.It is hard to tell the difference in illnesses because these are very common to others. Most people with these familiar symptoms are not diagnosed with CML. The treatments require some goals in order for this to become a curable illness.

In the chronic phase of CML, which is when the symptoms are mild and white cells can still fight infection; you can return the blood cells to normal and kill all the viruses that have the cancer gene. The accelerated phase is when the patient can increase the chances of getting anemia and white blood cells wouldn’t be able to repair quite as easy.In this phase of CML the goal is to kill all the cells that contain the Brc-Abl gene. However, the chronic phase is a more curable treatment than the accelerated phase because it is easier to build up the number of white cells needed. And yes, this cancer is curable if treated early before it worsens over time. People can prevent it by not allowing high-dosed radiation. I chose to write this essay because I was interested in the way it deals with how radiation affects the body in different illnesses.

In this cancer it is hard to tell when you’ve been diagnosed with it.



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