Church Planting

Indigenous Church Planting A Book Review On Church Growth International A Practical Journey Charles Brock By: Michael Stilley Fusion Church Planting U-MS 410 Book Review Page 1 Indigenous Church Planting was written by Charles Brock in the year of 1994. Charles and his wife were church planters for 26 years.

They have planted churches both in the United States and in foreign countries. Charles, Dottie, and their 3 kids spent 25 years in the Philippines serving with the Philippine Baptist Mission. Charles has written many other books like Philippines, the Joyous Journey and Let This Mind Be in You.Indigenous Church Planting was written for the purpose of equipping the reader with information about indigenous church planting. The author wrote this book because he sees a need for a new, fresh vision in church planters. There are many different methods that you can take when planting a church. Indigenous church planting is very exciting and its success depends only upon the Holy Spirit.

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Without the Holy Spirit, church planting will never be successful. I believe that the author accomplished his goal by giving us information about indigenous church planting according to his own past experiences.In my opinion, Indigenous Church Planting is a very good book because I really like the way that Charles Brock told us about his personal experience as a church planter. When reading about his stories, I was on the edge of my seat because it made me so excited.

I have always loved reading books about missionaries that go to a rural environment and plant churches. My heart is definitely burdened when it comes to foreigners that need to hear the gospel of Christ. When I hear of church planters going to tough places it makes so excited because I strongly believe that God’s will is for me to do the same.I also like how the author broke the book into two sections. Because of this, I can really understand the main theme of both of the sections in Indigenous Church Planting. In chapter two of Indigenous Church Planting, the author talks about how the first essential in church planting is the Holy Spirit.

I firmly agree with the author when he says that without the Holy Spirit, we are nothing. A church plant cannot be successful without the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit opens and closes doors that we could never open or close ourselves. Church planting can be a very stressful thing to do.Without the Holy Spirit, church planting would be impossible. I also agree with Charles Brock when he talks about excessive baggage. Excessive baggage can be material things like money or other possessions. It can also be something like singular leadership in a church.

Excessive baggage can really be a hindrance for believers in the church. Charles Brock did a phenomenal job writing this book and I honestly do not disagree with anything that he wrote about. Indigenous Church Planting is one of my favorite books because it has really impacted my life in a positive way.In Seven Steps for Planting Churches, I was really informed about church planting. In my opinion, I like this book a lot more than Seven Steps for Planting Churches because it has a lot more personal experience in it.

The author tells countless stories about his experience in the Philippines and in America. The Lord has really used this book to help me understand more about what it means to be a church planter and also the risks of being a church planter. I am actually going to look into some of Charles Brock’s Bible Studies so that I can gain more knowledge and understanding about church planting.

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