Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health

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Last updated: March 31, 2019

Topic: There are such risky illnesses associated with cigarette smoking that the habit may kill you about 10 years before your time is up. This paper discusses cigarette smoking, how it affects the health of a smoker and those around him and the advantages of quitting the habit.CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTHIntroductionMost people are well aware that cigarette smoking and such fatal illnesses as cancer, malfunctioning of the lungs due to break down of lung tissue, high blood pressure and other heart ailments are interrelated. These sicknesses are life threatening and once a victim; it is rare that smoker will live to tell the story even though ill health may have forced them to abandon the habit.  The addictive nature of cigarette smoking subjects those involved in the habit to the risk of such infections. As a consequence, there’s gradual destruction of body tissues and health problems normally start surfacing after a period of time into the habit. The monetary value attached to the smoking habit is high as smokers will spend a lot of money on cigarettes not forgetting other expenses such as medical bills. Because of the body’s natural mechanisms that fight against poisons, poisonous chemicals emitted through smoking will initially be exited out of the body and a smoker may have to make a few trials into the habit before they get addicted to it.

In a few weeks however enough nicotine will have accumulated in the body leading to addiction and it now becomes hard for the smoker to quit. One is then left to wonder why people engage in smoking if the habit puts their lives at risksTHESIS STATEMENTThere are several reasons explaining how and why several people get into the habit of cigarette smoking. Studies on the habit have shown that most people start smoking at a very early age going as far below the age of 18 years. This normally results from influence from familiar people such as family members from peer groups where smoking is normally done for fun thus introducing many youngsters into the habit. Others will smoke because they have grown up in an environment of smokers and so they have a positive attitude towards the habit. It is however very unfortunate that most people who engage in the habit are not aware that they maybe enslaved to the habit for life. Because of the enslaving aspect of this habit, it is advisable that one does not engage in the habit at all as the way out may not be easy to come by.Our bodies need food for healthy living but cigarettes have never been prescribed to contribute anything to a person’s general health.

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 Instead, cigarette smoking only leads to destruction of the body’s system. Cigarettes contain two highly poisonous chemicals, namely nicotine and cyanide. When taken in high dosage, these chemicals are very fatal. Body poisoning resulting from cigarette smoking takes place gradually and in the long run, serious health problems start cropping up. When the body gets sick, the smoker is rendered less active and therefore less productive. This together with the fact that they will now have to spend money on medication leads to serious financial setbacks that could otherwise have been avoided had the smoker not gotten into the habit at all.Serious health problems like congenital heart disease, various types of cancers such as lung, oral, bladder and cervical cancers as well as disintegration of lung tissue (emphysema) are a few of the illnesses linked with cigarette smoking.

Other long term effects are loss of bone density in which case the bones of a smoker become very brittle and fertility related problems. Bone loss is very risky in a smoker who may be an athlete by profession as this will remove them from competition. Cigarette smokers are easy prey to common colds, respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, throat infections and tooth decay. Most smokers have an irritating cough that is almost permanent as breathing becomes very difficult due to the clogging of lungs from carbon monoxide and their breath has an unpleasant smell. Statistical studies have shown that the life of a smoker is shortened by 5 to 20 minutes everyday making them disadvantaged over non-smokers.

Cigarette smokers do not inhale but instead they release the smoke into the air. This smoke emitted from cigarettes is referred to as second hand smoke and is one major cause of air pollution especially in public places such as pubs where smokers frequent in large numbers. The items of a smoker such as the clothes he/she wears, their furniture, car among other items have a constant smell due to this second hand smoke making life very difficult for non-smokers living with them. Second hand smoke is highly toxic and also very dangerous to whoever inhales it.

  A smoker therefore not only risks their life but also the lives of everyone who is under the effect of this smoke.  Children are the worst victims in this high risk group for the fact that they have a faster breathing rate than adults and will therefore take in the smoke very easily. Common ailments such as respiratory tract infections, lung cancers and ear infections are common in children who are constantly exposed to second hand smoke. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has also been linked to this kind of smoke.After considering all the above factors, one is left with no other option than to quit smoking.

It is however not very easy to quit smoking and one willing to do so must have a very strong reason that they will keep referring to especially when confronted by those in the same habit. The first days are normally very hard to go by and a relapse is very likely to occur very soon after. It is advisable that one does not give up and should keep trying until the goal is achieved.

The advantages of living a smoke free life should encourage anyone who wishes to quit the habit to give it a try.A smoke free life means that you and your family now stand a better chance of living a healthier life.  After one has quit smoking, you become more energetic and more productive as you are now sick less often and you can now also start enjoying fresh breath. Better still, you are now assured of a fatter wallet to cater for other needs that were previously sidelined.

Quitting smoking also ensures that your skin gains back its glow giving one a better appearance not also ignoring the fact that you now get into the process of recovering 10 precious bonus years back to your life. People who previously did not want to be associated with you because of the habit will now not mind your company. This may be to your advantage as the habit may have led to the loss of many opportunities due to its unpleasant nature. A person who has quit smoking is now able to feed properly meaning that they will now live a healthier life than before and the risks of opportunistic infections due to poor eating habits are narrowed  Smoking is a habit that brings together people engaged in the habit despite their backgrounds and this may put someone in a group of friends who have weird behaviors. Quitting smoking helps one to get rid of such kind of friends as you now do not have anything in common that they should look for you.

A person who quits smoking becomes a friend of the environment as you have achieved something in the war against cigarette smoking and you can now encourage others who are addicted to the habit to give quitting a trial.ConclusionQuitting smoking is better said than done and it takes a very strong willed person to achieve good results. Many people have refused to give it fearing that they might fail like others before them and reaching the conclusion that it is impossible.

For anyone that is willing, getting out of this habit completely is very possible and the advantages of a smoke free life will encourage anyone to give it a try. Just imagine more money in your wallet and a bonus of 10 precious years added to your life from today. “Do you still wish to continue smoking?”


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