1                    When was the city founded

2                    Who founded the city

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3                    What is the most important structure in the city

4                    Where is the main train station in the city

5                    Name some important persons associated with the independence of the city, and in which year did the city get its independance

6                    What is the national anthem

7                    What is the language most commonly spoken in the city. Name the other less common languages

8                    What is the symbol of the city

9                    Who is the peoples’ reperesentative in the city

10                If there is one place in the city that is like the centre of the city, where is it located, and what is the easiest way to reach the place

If as a foreigner I am put in a special class with the thought that I am retarded, and need special classes to brighten up mu faculties, it would be the greatest insult possible for me. First of all, I am visiting the city purely as a tourist, how am I supposed to know the finer details of the city, and if the government still believes in correcting me, I think it is pathetic to think so. It is a blow to my fundamental rights, and an absolute denigration of human dignity. I will protest with all my might, going even to the extent of suing the government for this action. Such action against me needs to be condemned in the strongest possible words. I challenge the makers of the city to come to my hometown and try to then answer some of the questions I may want to ask. Then I think the realisation of the truth will come and some of these actions may ths be prevented.




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