Cjs/230 Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections

Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections M. Edwards CJS/230 John Feltgen November 27, 2010 It is my belief that there are numerous positives and negatives when it comes to intermediate sanctions. When it comes to intermediate sanctions I would say the outcome of any intermediate sanction process depends solely on the person and the help that they are able to receive when given any type of intermediate sanction. It is said that only the person searching out their problems hold the key to turning their life around.

While I will believe that saying I also believe that a person can gain a whole new understanding of their problems and troubles when they are also given guidance in the process of turning around their life. The two positives that I see with intermediate sanctions are that the person who is receiving the opportunity gets a chance to do what is right if that is their intention and it also gives them an opportunity to be with their family while doing what is right for them, their family and community.Intermediate sanctions also help to reduce prison overcrowding which can cause contention among inmates. The two negatives that can come from intermediate sanctions are that a person may be given an opportunity to be out of jail, but because of lack of treatment programs or a more strict probation regime the person can become lax in their ways and end up in the same trouble again. This leads to problem number two which is recidivism.

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The number of people that are returning to jail is high due to the fact that one either they just don’t care about what happens to them or because the system failed to target the individuals behavior and provide adequate treatment or any at all. Intermediates sanctions can and do work, however there are some programs that need tighter restrictions like the electronic monitoring bracelet. The drug treatment programs can involve those who have been incarcerated and have changed their lives because of the program.Treatment programs should also have extended service for those that may need a longer time to reform from their habit (Foster, 2006). The two benefits of community corrections are offenders are forced to take responsibility for their actions and it provides a diversion from prison and jail for offenders of non-violent crimes. The two concerns of community corrections are that the individual is being properly supervised by their appointed community corrections officer or case manager and staying away from any victims involved in the case.The other concern will be that the individual will need to be receiving educational programs that will be conducive to their community corrections. I believe that community corrections are necessary because it holds the individual responsible for their actions and in many cases they have to pay restitution to the state and other individuals.

Because of this the person will have to find and maintain steady employment. I believe it is the person who will make community corrections work so if they are willing to do what is right community corrections will be effective in integrating individuals within their communities (Foster, 2006) .

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