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Last updated: April 2, 2019

Sometimes the best laid plans do go awry, no matter how hard we may have tried. This was unfortunately true in my case. Before I left my home country, the trip to America was an exciting adventure that I eagerly looked forward to. As a dedicated student I was also looking forward with great anticipation to entering college, and my goal was to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA at all times.

I had thought I was ready, but upon arrival in Philadelphia, where I currently attend Drexler University, I soon found myself overwhelmed, and struggling desperately to adjust to many changes, and still maintain my grades.The city was a confusing maze, much larger than anything I have ever experienced; I may never adjust to cities of such immense size. I have been living in an apartment off campus, and it has been very difficult learning my way around.

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Even knowing the way, it is still very stressful due to traffic congestion, and this of course causes concerns about arriving late to class.I did not expect to be so homesick, but I found myself often longing for home, and family, a familiar face or two. I think I almost experienced what may be described as culture shock. I tried to connect with a sponsor, someone to help me learn the ropes so to speak, and offer tips on how to better organize my time, but living off campus made this complicated.As if these were not difficulties enough, there is also the fact that Drexler University divides the school year in quarters, which I was not used to. The quarterly system is extremely different, much less forgiving, and everything progresses at a much faster pace than the two semester system. This combination of events and circumstances has unfortunately led to my GPA dropping to what I consider to be unacceptable levels.

I feel that if I could be granted the opportunity to transfer to the prestigious institution that Missouri University is known to be I will find college to be more like I had always dreamed it would be. If  I was able to start over, and do things differently, I could quite capably maintain My GPA.I need to get away from the crush of the big city that is all around me, as I have not grown accustomed to that.

More importantly, I have learned that on campus housing will really be best for me. Also Missouri University is based upon the same semester system that I am accustomed to, and I feel this would be of immense help in my studies. I would be better able to organize and structure my time with a schedule I am comfortable with. Given the opportunity to begin anew, in more comfortable surroundings, within an educational format I am more familiar with, I am sure I would be an asset to my school, and be able to maintain a GPA to be proud of.


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