Comfortably Numb

Close your eyes.

Imagine a world of time-less stand still. Of no progression and no development. There is no desire for success, therefore no fear of failure. Open your eyes.

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The 7. 01 billion people who populate this earth can be said to be put into two categories, the talkers and the doers. The talkers are the ones with great ideas and aspirations, but the doers are the people who go out each day to make a difference. Depending on your self-awareness and self-confidence, throughout your life, you will slide between these two categories.Whether you chose to be a part of risk-taking activities is up to you, but if you prefer to live life stress-free, you would be known as being comfortably numb. The Oxford English Dictionary states that to be comfortable, you must be physically and emotionally relaxed, being free from constraint, stress or tension. This notion of complete well-being provides all senses with an act of ease and sufficiency. To be comfortable you must be at your final stage of happiness which you initially hoped in achieving.

True comfort is not an act which can be forced, and whether this be physical, mental or emotional act, only ones self will be able to test the true internal and external comfort levels to conclusively understand and comprehend your own personal limits. It is common for people to fake their comforts and comfort ranges, and taking part in things which they possibly feel awkward about doing. In order to fit in, it is more often then not that a person must lie within themselves and to society to gain a sense of acceptance and recognition, even though it may be superficial.Comfort links with a complete feeling being recognised, which contrasts with the notion of being numb. Being numb is being deprived of the power of sensation, feeling or responsiveness. Once numb, you are stripped of all the control which you may have over yourself.

Being physically numb is the inability to voluntarily control your muscles in the way you desire them to function for a specific purpose. As all feeling is lost, a sense of control and discipline has been taken over by a feeling of absence and helplessness.As humans, we are constantly requesting and demanding power and authority, and to have something so personal as own physical ability taken away results in emptiness. Being mentally numb is quite similar, but is easier and more practical to overcome. Having poor mental health leads to other aspects of your life going downhill, as all aspects of health and wellbeing are closely linked. Being mentally numb is an entire and utter blockage and captivity of the brain and the thoughts stored within it.

It is an extremely personal process to break down the barriers causing this numbness, but the result may conclude with a more confident and assertive person. The two statements of ‘comfort’ and ‘numb’ are contradictory because they are the extreme cases of diverse situations. Even though they are so different, there are many cases which they do indeed support each other. Throughout life, there can be people found who approach situations with a comfortably numb state of mind. This means that they have no intentions of causing any discomfort to their daily patterns and habits.

Each key moment of their life phases from one to another, and at a stage of complete relaxation, no sign of concern is displayed over the negative or positive outcomes over various situations. Within society, you will find these people. The people who find no will or need to make a difference. People who are so caught up in their own affairs, and therefore aren’t able to make a conscious decision towards anything else which may not regard themselves; An act of pure selfishness as they continue their life paths with no sensation of change, and no regret whatsoever of these continuities.Is this an environment you wish to live in? If not, be the doer and not the talker. Be the one to make a difference.

Crack open your shell, because there is a whole world of possibilities waiting for you. Cling onto each day, as they are filled with innumerable opportunities. Don’t sit back and be comfortable, prohibit yourself in becoming numb. Seize the moment, and don’t take no for an answer, because if you do, you will eventually end up comfortably numb.



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