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Last updated: February 10, 2019

My position places me at position in which communication must take place very often and with great accuracy.

I am in charge of organizing teams who eventually deliver sales. I also coordinate the advertisements and promotions. Telephone is the main method of communication between my office and the sales and promotion team in the field. Emails are also used to forward the summary of events that occur in the field each day. Televisions and radio are also used by the advertisement department to help spread fame f the products that the company deals with.

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These modes of communication are used many times and they also cover very wide range of distance especially in the United States and the Canada region that are the main markets of retail chain Lowes Home Improvement Company.All sales persons have to be contacted each day so that their progress can be monitored. Telephones are therefore used in many occasions. The Emails are also used at least once a day by the team leaders so that daily sales and income can be sent to the head quarters. The telephones are very mobile gargets and therefore are used by majority if officers.

Emails however require a cyber café of very big and powerful mobile phones that can tap 3G networks. The advertisements are mainly placed during the beginning of seasons like winter or summers. They are commonly placed before major news anchor.The current levels of technology are so high and this has made communication so fast and efficient. Retail chain Lowes Home Improvement Company enjoys the fast rates of internet infrastructure because Emails take less than one minute to reach destination. The telephones are also a very fast communication style because they operate on duplex mode where one speaks and another answers immediately. The management also communicates to the sales departments through this fast internet system.

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