Company Profile of Pacific Coffee

The idea of Pacific Coffee was inspired by the coffee culture of Seattle, where coffeehouses were community hubs, serving great Italian espresso based coffee in generous western culture sizes, with informality and a friendly attitude.

Pacific Coffee is one of the leading coffee chains in Hong Kong, with retail outlets in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Since opening its first outlet in 1992, the chain has played an instrumental role in bringing a coffee drinking culture to Hong Kong.With comfortable sofas, soft lighting, soothing music and internet facilities in all its shops, customers can enjoy the premium quality coffee in such a relaxed atmosphere. It also sells its branded products to wholesale accounts and provides coffee service to corporate customers including banks, airlines, clubs and multinational companies. In addition, Pacific Coffee is engaged in the wholesale of selected coffee beans in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. The group is owned by computer distributor Chevalier Pacific, formerly Chevalier iTech.

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It acquired the chain from founder Thomas Neir for HK$205 million in 2005. In June 2010, China Resources Enterprise, Limited (CRE) and Chevalier have forged a partnership to further expand the Pacific Coffee business in the Chinese Mainland with CRE being a major shareholder and to have Pacific Coffee developed under the umbrella of CRE’s Retail Business Unit. Products & Services Products: Roasted whole bean coffee Specialty coffee Cold beverages Baked goods and pastries Snacks Coffee-related hardware and supplies Services: RetailWholesale of coffee and coffee beans Situation analysis Pacific Coffee is positioned as an “Affordable Luxury” by providing passionate services, superior products and a cozy ambiance to accompany the Perfect Cup of Coffee. Building on the strength of its brand and retail network in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Chinese Mainland, Pacific Coffee successfully launched its wholesale division in 1995 to provide the business sector in particular the hospitality industry – including hotels, restaurants and clubs – with total coffee solutions.Their coffee solutions combine the highest quality beans, user-friendly machinery and expert coffee knowledge into a coffee package that fits different customer’s needs.

Market Needs The hospitality industry in particular realizes that the expectation for specialty coffee is increasing. Given the art of making good coffee is complex, many companies from the hospitality industry rely on Pacific Coffee to provide them with a total coffee solution, thus improving their revenue streams and profit margins while enhancing their customer satisfaction.In addition to providing hospitality industry with coffee solutions, Pacific Coffee is reputable among local corporate offices as a provider of coffee solutions. Pacific Coffee assists them with the acquisition, set-up, training and maintenance of the world’s most advanced super-automatic cappuccino machines and supply of highest quality beans.

Mission statement Pacific Coffee is committed to bringing customers “The Perfect Cup”.This means product, service, locations and their store environment would be perfect for customers anywhere, anytime customers find them. To enhance enjoyment, the store environment brings a comfortable music selection, warm lighting, couches and sofa chairs, an international selection of newspapers and lifestyle magazines, private space and space for community socializing as being an important part of customers’ neighborhood.



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