Comparing Two Cultures

For years, Walt Disney had dreamed of amusement parks where he could his daughters could go for family fun.

With amusement parks being cheap, creepy, and dirt in the late 1920’s, Walt always dreamed of place with fun, family attractions that had an upbeat atmosphere; a place that appeared to be away from reality – a type of fairy tale reality (Brad, 2002). Disneyland was first opened in July 17, 1955 (Disneyland History, 2007). With this theme park opening the world view on theme park entertainment had been changed forever.

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Walt Disney expanded to Florida in 1971.This great success has lead to 11 more Disney themed parks and 5 resorts being opened around the world in places such as Japan, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Australia would be a great market for a new theme Disney theme park. The population is continuously growing at a 1. 171% rate according to the CIA (CIA, 2010). Australia has an abundant source of natural resources that could help with the building and running of a theme park such as renewable energy sources and natural gases. Prior to the global crisis, Australia’s economy grew consecutively for 17 years.The government has put stimulus packages in place to offset the slowing economy and banks cut interest rates and the economy grew by 1.

5% in 2009 during the first three quarters (CIA, 2010). This shows that the economy is stable and would be a great potential market for a theme park. The Australian government practices reflect both British and American but are unique to Australia. It is based from democratic traditions such as freedom of speech and religious tolerance. The Parliament is the heart of the government.

It consists of the Queen, which is represented by the Governor-General and the Senate and House of Representatives.There are five functions of the parliament; to legislate, provide for the formation, scrutinize the actions of government, provide funds needed for government, and provide a forum for the popular representation (Parliament An Overview, 2009). Australia has a Constitution that is written that shows the functions of the government, such as foreign trade. The territories and states are responsible for any matter that is not the responsibility of the government; however both levels of government cooperate in many different areas.

Goods and services taxes are federal, as well as income taxes.In Australia all people are treated equally and there are safe guards in place to ensure people are not treated unfairly by officials or the government. The legal system is based on the fundamental beliefs in the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, and justice.

Procedural fairness, separation of powers, and judicial precedent are fundamental principles to the legal system. As developed in the UK, the common law system creates the basis of jurisprudence. It differs from the civil law that derived from the Roman law.

The United States is a country that employs a variation of the common law system (Legal System, 2008).With the recent economic trends, the political and legal conditions, Australia would be a great consideration for a potential market for the company to expand. With a vast variety of theme based parks, resorts, and restaurants, the opportunities are endless. It would be easy to comply with the rules, policies, and guidelines of Australia when developing and running the company and the benefits for the Australian people would out weight the negative.

It would increase employment, tourism, property value, and give the people a place where they can enjoy a day together as a family.

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