The Comparison Between Learned in Books and Knowledge Gained from Experience

The comparison between learned in books and knowledge gained from experience The education is the most important thing in our life, without it we can’t solve our problem and the logic thinking.

By the way any education in my opinion will be benefit whatever it is depend on the book or our skill, the doctor have to study in the book and be good doctor by the way the barber is not depend in the book he has to looking to the designer off his boss and after time he can to make it without his boss.So We can say that there are some people prefer to learn a profession or experience is through actual practice and the process for this profession, in their minds they think this is better and faster to acquire the skill and experience, others prefer learning in schools and universities and read many books and gain experience of and then apply what they have learned in these schools and universities, So we must now not everything that is learning is contained in book, and also we don’t have completely book can fit our job we have to search in the partial place, but ever they are have big similarity and big different both way have the same target to learn.In similarity, first off all is education and depend in our job, and also want to study , We can find good job after we finish it We can able to make logical thinking, Second it take long time in our life to get to it not anything we can make is easily we have to spend time and work to get good job for example as interior designer, which I learn from the book is very good thing and benefit and this in partial life I executing the work in my project as I learn in our book, because I don’t fill in problem. So Learning from books is important, we apply what we have learned literally in the real world and then develop that we have learned to reach for better results.On the other hand, there is very much different we can’t count it the experience education don’t have limit time and don’t requires to go to same place like university as will the education cases or book need to the studied to be in the time in his class and want to get his book and prepare the lesson, and also have another different the experience education not have to make exam and study days before the exam , on other hand the, book and university study as we had in our university we have to study days and days before the exam. As I say in the topic all education is ways to go to the same target in the general case, the book is very important thing in the human and by the book we can read very much thing for the old culture but this thing not enough to learn, so the person have to development this think to maybe can find way better for the idea in the book. In the

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