Comparison of Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones

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Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, is a tall and has red hair.  She normally wears her hair short, with longer bangs which frame her face.  She has a medium build and is about 5’11.  I would say she is of average weight for a 5’11 and of course she is way taller than a typical female.  Usually she is dressed in tailor business suits and has very professional looking hair and make-up.Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, it also fairly tall.

  Samantha has blonde medium length hair.  Usually her hair is fairly wild, and is always fully done.  She always wears heavy make, and clothing that makes herself stand out.  She is 5’10 and have a very feminine body shape.Miranda and Samantha are both white, taller than normal women at a healthy body weight.  Samantha, being blonde and curvy, has had many more relationship partners on the show than Miranda.  Miranda is tall but has a very petite, and her appearance is very low key and plain.

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  She struggles with relationships and even though she wants to be married or be in a long term committed relationship she fails.  It disappoints me that the plainer or less flashy character is the one who is lucky in love.  Miranda, because of how she looks, could never have multiple relationship partners.  This type of show, encourages stereotypes.  I think Miranda and Samantha are typical of the women placed on TV.  In Sex and The City there is very little variety in the body type of women on the show.  All of them are tall, thin, and white.  Excluding their hair color, there is no difference.

  It is unfortunate that that is not more variety in the body type of women on TV.  And the only successful women on TV are extremely attractive.  This leads to the illusion that only fit, and attractive women can have success in a professional environment, which is false.Works CitedSex and the City. By Darren Star. Perf. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon.

HBO.  2005.


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