Concept of Cost-Benefit Analysis on Buffet Lovers

Buffet goers can eat all they want during buffets. How do they make the decision to stop eating during buffets? Explain using the concept of cost-benefit analysis. There are a numbers of factors that will make buffet goers put down their forks during the attractive “all-you-can-eat” meals.

Buffet goers make the decision to stop eating during buffets when they met situations which are more important than to continue eating.One of the very basic factor that make buffet goers stop eating is, of course, when their bodies give out the signals of fullness or satiety and they could not eat anymore. Continue eating cause stomach discomfort and sick which will be bad for their health. Some are also afraid that overeating will cause them to gain extra calories. Usually buffet goers will not over-stuff themselves even though they have paid a fixed price or even a higher price for the “one-price-for-all” meal.Another straight forward reason that make buffet goers stop eating is when the food served are not fresh and / or in poor qualities. Staled food and bad qualities food make buffet goers lost their appetite and do not want to continue eating. They will worried that those food will cause them to fall sick and it is not worth to damage their health and incurred further medical cost for the sake of eating.

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Restaurants with fewer varieties of food also make Buffet goers eat lesser and end the buffet session earlier.Lack in choices of food cause buffet goers to lost interest in the buffet spread. Food that they do not like will also make buffet goers pass on. Delay in topping up the food and / or slow in serving also make buffet goers stop eating as they will not want to waste their time to wait for it and they might have other appointments which they will not want to miss and are more important than eating. They might just eat whatever is available or might just stop eating due to fewer choices of food. Environment of the restaurant also plays a very important part to consumers.Stuffy and dirty environment will cause buffet goers to end the dining session earlier, A dirty restaurant make buffet goers lost their appetite and feel uneasy.

They will feel that the foods served are not fresh and unhygienic. Stuffy environment also make buffet goers feel uncomfortable and will not want to continue eating in the restaurant. Lastly, we all know that Singaporeans are very particular with customer services. Buffet goers will not tolerance with bad customer services from the restaurant.They will choose to end the buffet session earlier and leave the restaurant even though they have paid for the meal.

With all the above mentioned points, although going for buffets might be value for money for their “all-you-can-eat” concept, humans however still have their limits to meet. They cannot really eat all they want and sometime the amount of food their stomach can take in is not worth for the amount of money they had paid for. Perhaps consumers still prefer buffet than regular meals for the wider selection of food buffet offered and it is certainly fun to try out all kind of different food.

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