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Last updated: May 17, 2019

One of the vaguest concepts of project management is project success. Since each individual or group of people who are involved in a project have different needs and expectations, it is very unsurprising that they interpret project success in their own way of understanding. Some project managers intuitively and informally determine their own success factors. However, if these factors are not explicitly identified and recorded, they will not become part of formal project management reporting process nor they become part of the historical project data.

We are able to classify these factors into five distinct groups: Project Manager, Project Team, the Project itself, the Organization and finally, the External Environment. 2)Many of the major rules of Project Management were broken during the Concorde Project. There wasn’t a clearly identified owner organization, there was no owner and no one person put in charge of the project. Also, severe problems with design and technology management led to less chances of success.Finally, two external factors of changes in fuel costs and environmentalist opposition literally brought the project to its knees.

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3)The most critical impact for project planning occurs at the start of the project. If the project is planned well from the beginning it will have a better basis to build on, and the project plan will not have to undergo many changes during the course of the project. Poor initial planning is often the difference between a success and failure.When the project encompasses several team members, it is necessary to assign roles at the start of the project. Project planning includes appointing the individual roles and responsibilities of each team member and setting the ground work that is clear and concise and understandable to everyone on the team.

The project will need a leader, and the leader will need a project plan. Forming an effective team can and should include different kinds of expertise and leadership abilities.Such differences encompass system leadership, technical expertise and day to day experience. This may include one or more individuals with one or all of the different qualities but you must have all of the differences represented to have a quality team. A good plan, following it through throughout the life of the project will help identify and react to possible problems and bottlenecks and will help the project finish in a timely fashion. The most basic approach is to divide the project into tasks and identify the needed resources and relationships between the tasks.This way many tasks may be worked in parallel, speeding up the project finishing time. During the project, it is important to track the time and resources used and keep the collected information for review during project milestones.

This will help in knowing the exact status of the project, and to know if the project has a chance of completing within the set parameters. If the project is encountering insurmountable problems, it may need to be finished early.


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