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Space exploration requires many difficult capabilities, and is not cut out for just any average Joe. It is difficult to choose or find someone who possesses traits that are needed or required for outer space travel. But if the world were to send someone as its ambassador into outer space, it should be Dolph Lundgren.

Dolph Lundgren is already known for his intelligence and his powerful dominant roles in movies. Which is my reasoning for him being the one sent up to space as our ambassador.Dolph Lundgren already possesses many of the qualities and ambassador for outer space should have.

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He is athletic; he seems to maintain a positive mentality and a healthy outlook as well, which would be a necessity for outer space. With Dolph Lundgren being an actor, he is expected to be versatile, due to him playing many different roles in movies. Which is why ability to adapt to different situations is of importance, versatility and flexibility are key.

An individual as such should also possess both technical and interpersonal skills.Technical skills are an important qualification; it is a necessity to be able to competently carry out scientific and technical tasks. I believe interpersonal skills are a critically important qualification because; characteristics such as courage, tenacity, social adaptability, ability to cooperate, humility and tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles are necessary; especially if you are having to deal with intelligent life. Which is why I believe Dolph Lundgren would best represent Earth as its communicator with intelligent life being out there.Not only does he acquire many of the qualifications but also he is proven to be introverted and extroverted (referring back to him being an actor). He can be a leader but also lead. He knows how to tolerate isolation as well as be social when needed for interaction.

With these qualifications, and his common knowledge with chemical engineering, nothing could go wrong. B. )When it comes to Dr.

Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) and her encounter with intelligent life during the movie, I am very neutral with how she communicated. My reasoning for this is, if Dr.Arroway indeed communicated with the intelligent life she definitely communicated interpersonally. If she did not, and the impact on her head actually did affect her, it was all in her mind; which means it was intrapersonal communication. I honestly believe it could go both ways, but for my argument I believe Dr. Arroway had an interpersonal supra-specific communication event with an alien from the star Vega.

My main evidence for her communicating interpersonally is the audio recording. According to Arroway, she spent eighteen hours away from Earth.As far as the people on Earth are concerned, she never went anywhere. Towards the end of the movie it was proven that if intelligent life does not exist and Dr. Arroway’s mission was just a hoax, how could the audio record for eighteen hours if she was only gone for a second. This is why I believe she had an interpersonal communication event, how could she possibly get so far in her mission with plenty of evidence as well as witnesses; if it was not indeed an interpersonal event with the alien from the star Vega.

I believe that Dr.Arroway would have to be insane for her to “imagine” almost half the events that took place in the movie; which is why it could not have been intrapersonal communication. I highly doubt that Ellie got that far for it to just be something make believe.

My main reason for believing this was interpersonal communication event is simply because Ellie made contact with an alien. She was transported to a sandy beach environment and suddenly; she notices something moving towards her. She was shocked to see that it was her father.

Then she realizes that everything (the beach, the image of her Father) is not real, and are memories and thoughts taken from her mind by the alien (who has portrayed itself as Ellie’s father). He explains that this was a way to allow them to make things more comfortable for her. The alien then explains how they know about earth and that there are many others out in space. This event during the movie made me believe that Dr. Arroway indeed made contact with an alien, which leads it to be completely interpersonal. C. ) I believe science and faith are in direct need for one another.

In order to validly convey what they hope to communicate to the world around them they certainly need to co-exist. Science is a matter of faith to many people, and could even be considered one’s religion, as the movie tries to bring out. But unlike most religions, science not only encourages, but also requires that you constantly question your faith and find ways to disprove what you believe. At the same time, alot of people have faith in a higher power, and faith that science is an accurate way to explore the universe that higher power created, which means that they are in need of one another nd can work together. In the movie everything to me seemed to be a test of faith even though Ellie would not budge. She was highly convinced that everything came from a scientific method, but when she had to tell her final testament towards the end of the movie it seemed as if the was indeed a test of faith. Which is a perfect example as to why science and religion should be able to co-exist together in order for something to be proven. I do not think that they are required for one another, but I do think it would be better for them to work together.

My reasoning for this is because I believe science is the exact opposite of faith. I believe science is literally, something that can be observed, tested, and repeated. When new information comes up that is a contradiction to a theory, it can be changed. On the other hand faith is literally, by the word of God, which means believing without any evidence to a fact. Even though their meanings oppose one another I believe science and faith are in direct need for one another. In order to validly convey what they hope to communicate to the world around them they certainly need to co-exist.



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